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Gary Buswell
Date: Apr 19, 2010

We have been an ESS BIZTOOLS user for many years and find that it is a valuable resource to our Practise. It is helpful with both internal staff training and can also be very helpful as a resource to give to clients in many areas. In particular, it provides a comprehensive guide to assist those g...' 
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Bookkeeping Systems

Bank Reconciliation Statement Exercises
Paper 002-061

This paper presents two Bank Reconciliation Exercises. Material supplied includes:

  • drafts of a cash receipt book
  • cash payments book; and
  • a format for the preparation of a bank reconciliation

The answers to the two bank reconciliation questions are also provided.

The preparation of a bank reconciliation is an essential task to be undertaken by the person responsible for the bookkeeping function in a small/medium enterprise. This paper will assist that person to fully understand the bank reconciliation process.