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About Bistorque

Our mission at Bistorque is to help business managers to make the right decisions, in a timely and cost-effective manner. We know from our experience that substantial improvements in business performance can be achieved through making the right decision quickly, and moving swiftly into execution. Hence, we created a technology enabled knowledge community of business expertise that helps with not only the decision making process but also with implementation. We provide a swift path from problem to solution.

Through our online system, we make it easy for you to search for and to find the right expertise. Regardless of whether you need a local or international expert, you can get access to them by booking a phone call. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to get the guidance that you need to make the right decisions. And if implementation requires time on the ground, with sleeves rolled up, then you will find all of our experts ready to go, as we prefer this work to writing reports.

Bistorque provides:

  • Network of experts in innovation and commercialisation
  • Coverage including Australia and USA
  • Advisors including entrepreneurs with start-up business experience
  • Cloud-based marketplace for professional service providers
  • Immediate access to experts that have operational experience
  • Assistance with innovation-related funding and investments
  • Programs and advice on preparing companies for investment
  • Access and training for early stage companies in international competitions
  • Solutions to business related problems, anytime, anywhere

How it Works

Bistorque is a web-based company that connects people with a business problem to the right expert for an initial telephone conversation of 15 minutes.  The aim of the 15 minute conversation is to identify the best way forward when a problem is encountered. All experts on the platform are available for bookings on most days of the week, including weekends. Once you have had a positive experience with an expert all you have to do is type their name into the search engine to find their availability for your next booking.

As shown in the diagram below, the Bistorque platform provides a quick and easy method to find the right expert and to book them.

bistorque flow chart


Bistorque Team of Experts

All of Bistorque's experts are specialists in an area covering the innovation journey. This includes experts in the Australian government's early stage innovation incentives. Whether you are a potential investor in an early stage innovation company or a business leader looking for an expert to conduct the due diligence under the government's Early Stage Innovation Company Principles Test, Bistorque can assemble the right team for you.  Just follow the link to get to Bistorque:

(Click Here - Bistorque Pty Ltd)

In conjunction with ESS Biztools, our affiliate, we look forward to assisting you on your innovation journey.

Contact Bistorque

Please go to and register, then make a booking with one of our experts for a 15 minute advice session (please advise that you heard of Bistorque from ESS Small Business).

Feel free to use the search facilities (some parts are still under development) or use the shortcut by placing the name of the expert into the search field.  We ask that you pay the $1.10 so that we can complete tests on our backend payments system.  You choose when you would like to talk and our system will connect you with your chosen expert at that time.

We would appreciate feedback to make our site better – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Please don’t hesitate to contact ESS Small Business or visit

Affiliates Wanted

Become an affiliate and earn additional income.
ESS BIZTOOLS is conducting a series of product campaigns for sales of products/services to accountancy businesses, business consultants, advisers and bookkeeping businesses.
We are happy to extend an invitation to an affiliate to participate as a supplier of services in promotions to our subscribers. If you are interested in this, could you please contact us?
We have launched the ESS Small Business website which is primarily targeted at small/medium companies and enterprises as well as not-for-profits, charities, sporting and social organisations.

Contact Details

12 Eclipse Street, ROWES BAY, QLD 4810
(07) 4724 1118
Toll Free: 1800 232 088

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