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Survival strategies illustrated by an excel spreadsheet.

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A workbook with a linked article to assist in evaluating many of the components of a business.

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Package Content

The Business Evaluation Workshop incorporates commentary on:

  • Procedure Control Form - Business Evaluation Workshop
  • Work Programme Budget Quotation Form
  • Work Programme Timetable
  • Quotation for Business Evaluation Workshop
  • Assignment Control Form
  • Report - Business Evaluation Workshop
  • Action Plan
  • Survival in Difficult Times for SMEs Workbook - Excel Spreadsheet
  • How Well Do You Know Your Business Checklist
  • Survival In Difficult Times For SMEs
  • Business Evaluation Workshop

Want To Know More?

The Survival in Difficult Times Workbook assists an accountant/business adviser to work with a SME operator to evaluate a business utilising an Excel spreadsheet - "Survival in Difficult Times for SMEs Workbook" and a detailed commentary in "Survival in Difficult Times for SMEs" paper.

The key headings in the workbook are:

  • Financial Review:
  • Financial Accounts Review
  • Gross Profit Analysis Review
  • Wages to Turnover Analysis Review
  • Profit Before Tax Percentage Analysis Review
  • Debtors' Review
  • Debtors’ Days Outstanding Calculator
  • Fixed Assets Review

  • Market and Customer Review:
  • Market Review
  • Marketing Review
  • Sales Review
  • Customers Review
  • Sales Analysis and Review
  • Sales Targets

  • Cashflow Review:
  • Cashflow Forecasts and Budget Review
  • Cashflow Forecast – Short Term

  • Performance Analysis:
  • Benchmarking Review
  • Business Operations Review:
  • Cost Review
  • Stock (Inventory) Review
  • Work in Progress Review
  • Team Member Review
  • Banks/Lenders Review
  • Leadership Issues Review
  • Business Strategies Review
  • Insurance Review
  • Suppliers' Review
  • Exporters' Review
  • Importers' Review
  • Franchising – Franchisees Questions Review
  • Franchising – Franchisors Questions Review
  • Theft and Pilferage
  • Wastage/Shrinkage Review
  • Risk Management Strategies Review
  • Succession Planning for the Business Checklist
  • Business Expansion/Acquisition Review

  • Succession Planning Personal:
  • Succession Planning Personal Checklist
The Survival in Difficult Times Workbook is linked to related documents contained within “Business Evaluation for SMEs” (Paper 006-085).

The contents of this paper are as follows:

  • 2018 - Great Opportunities for Businesses
  • Business Monitoring/Benchmarking
  • Steps To Ensure Peak SME Fitness
  • Cost Review
  • Team Members
  • Wastage/Shrinkage
  • Theft, Pilferage And Fraud
  • Cashflow Forecasts And Budgets Are Important
  • Cashflow Management
  • Customers:
  • New Customers
  • Check The Credentials Of New Customers
  • Keeping Customers
  • 80:20 - Customers
  • Spread Your Risk Of Danger
  • Unemployment Effects
  • Personal Property Securities Register
  • Debtors' Management:
  • Systems Review
  • Ensuring Your Big Customers Pay
  • Give Your Customers A Reason To Pay
  • Follow-Up Your Debtors
  • Don't Be The Financier For Your Customers
  • Personal Property Securities Register
  • Debtor Finance (Factoring) Can Help
  • Credit/Debtor Insurance
  • Work In Progress
  • Stock (Inventory)
  • Suppliers
  • Importers:
  • Currency Contracts
  • Tradex Scheme
  • Currency Movements
  • Exporters:
  • Export Plans
  • Foreign Exchange Contracts
  • Currency Movements
  • Export Financing
  • Banks/Lenders:
  • Bank's "Rule Book"
  • Keep Bank Informed
  • Review Debt Covenants
  • Are You Living Off Credit?
  • Don't Rush Out And Borrow More Money
  • Financial Stress Testing
  • Review Your Debt
  • Consider Reducing Debt
  • Talking To Another Bank Might Be Good Insurance
  • Build A Relationship With Your Bank
  • Marketing:
  • Effective Marketing Plan
  • Inside Advantage
  • Don't Curtail Marketing
  • Building Your Business
  • Market Generation
  • Professional Selling
  • Profitability
  • Property Investments
  • Culture Is Important!
  • Attributes
  • Business Loyalty
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Culture Is The Hidden Success
  • Selling A Business
  • Franchising:
  • Purchasing
  • Existing Franchisee
  • Franchisor
  • Government:
  • Spending
  • Industry Capability Network
  • Capital
  • Leadership Is Vital For Success
  • Benchmarking:
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Commercial Benchmarks
  • Buying A Business
  • Insurance
  • Succession In Difficult Times
  • Government Grants
  • Avoiding Problems:
  • Concentrate On Core Business
  • Retail
  • Rent Incentives
  • Avoid Dependency On A Few Customers
  • Web Site
  • The Big Picture
  • Workbook – Survival In Difficult Times For SMEs

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