Business Advisory Services Introduction Product Package

11 Modules to assist a firm to prepare for the delivery of BAS

The ESS BIZTOOLS Business Advisory Services Introduction Training Modules provides accountants/advisers with a training package to introduce the team to a range of new business activities relative to non-compliance services.

About This Package

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The training package will assist in the introduction of your team to business advisory services so as to assist you to:
  • become a business advisor to your SME clients
  • stay up to date with new business opportunities for accountants to offer to small/medium enterprise operators
  • reduce accountants/advisers research and preparation costs
  • build report and relationships with your SME clients
  • retain staff by offering “real accounting work”
  • increase revenue from “new revenue streams”
  • deliver product solutions for a wide range of SME concerns

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Package Content

The Business Advisory Services Introduction Training Module incorporates commentary on the following areas

  • Step 1:
    Introduction to Business Advisory Services
  • Step 2:
    Getting Organised for Business Advisory Services
  • Step 3:
    Team Training
  • Step 4:
  • Step 5:
    SME Needs' Analysis
  • Step 6:
    Marketing Strategies
  • Step 7:
    Review of Products
  • Step 8:
    Planning Seminar to Launch Business Advisory Services
  • Step 9:
    Selling Business Advisory Services
  • Step 10:
    One-on-One Meeting with Client
  • Step 11:
    Implementation of Business Advisory Services for your Clients

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