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A monthly business newsletter for badging and despatch to your clients, prospects and professional affiliates.

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The Business Plus+ client newsletter is prepared 13 times per annum (every month except January plus 2 special editions in May) as a marketing tool for ESS BIZTOOLS’ subscribers. The Business Plus is primarily targeted at small/medium enterprises.  The articles concentrate on commercial matters that might affect small/medium enterprises.

The Business Plus+ newsletter assists accountants/business advisers to communicate with clients and prospects on a regular basis on business related matters, not just taxation.

Business Plus+ is a marketing tool to assist your firm to promote your interest in providing a range of commercial services to assist your clients to add value to their businesses.

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Articles are prepared on a range of commercial matters targeted at small/medium enterprise operators, including:

  • Economic Update
  • Political items relevant to SMEs
  • Business Prompts
  • Personal Property Securities Register
  • Risk Management
  • Taxation items specifically relevant to SMEs
  • Single Touch Payroll
  • Personal Leave
  • Crowd-Sourced Funding Capital Raising
  • Early Stage Innovation Company Capital Raising
  • Director's Role in SMEs
  • Corporate Governance
  • Selling
  • Marketing
  • Government Grants
  • Retail Issues
  • People Issues
  • Fair Work Australia issues
  • Workplace Health and Safety issues
  • Insurance
  • Exporting
  • Differentiation of a Business
  • Research and Development
  • Succession Planning

Want To Know More?

Nearly every article has a “Call to Action” – encouraging your clients and prospects to contact your firm for further information on an article, if they wish.

Business Plus+ is produced every month (except January) and uploaded to the ESS BIZTOOLS' website on the second Friday of a month by 12-noon AEST.

All you need to do is badge the newsletter with your firm’s name, address etc.

You can edit the newsletter or add other articles, if you wish.There is a section titled “Attention Accountants”.

This is a list of papers or forms within ESS BIZTOOLS that might give you some additional information relating to an article in Business Plus+.

We suggest that you delete this section before sending the newsletter to your clients and prospects – you could then include an article on your firm or a client who has won an award etc.

Two additional editions are produced in May each year:

  • “Federal Budget As It Affects SMEs” – uploaded on the afternoon following the Federal Budget presentation.
  • “End of Financial Year Tax Planning” – uploaded around 20th May.

If you would like to read a recent edition of Business Plus+ (Click here).

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