Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Package

For Small Proprietary Companies and Eligible Public Companies
Gold Silver

  • Overview of CSF
  • Identifying clients who might be interested
  • Marketing and promotional material to inform clients
  • Explanation of CSF Intermediary’s role and responsibilities
  • Step by step guide to producing a CSF Offer Document
  • Overview of the Offer Platform process
  • Post capital raising guide
  • Check lists for each step of the capital raising process
  • Mentoring Package – 1 x 60-minutes

Company directors and officers will require advice on

How Crowd Sourced Funding Operates


  • Identifying client who might be interested:
  • A company/business with a turnover over $2 million that wishes to "scale up" to a larger company

  • A company with a new product, process or service that does not qualify for Early-Stage Innovation Company Capital Raising because of the company’s age, turnover or expenditure being higher than the allowed amounts.  

  • A fast-growing ambitious business
  • A company wanting to expand
  • A company wanting to acquire other businesses
  • A company with the CEO with a “big audacious idea”!
  • A CEO with an exciting vision!
  • A company with debts that the directors would like to repay, save interest and enable the security that has probably been supplied by someone else, to be released
  • A company with a succession problem that an injection of new capital would assist in sorting out!
  • Identifying clients who meet the legal requirements to be a Crowd Sourced Funding Company
  • Value of consolidated gross assets must be less than $25 million
  • Consolidated annual revenue of the company and its related parties must be less than $25 million
  • Neither the company nor a related party can be a listed corporation anywhere in the world
  • Neither the company nor any related party of the company is included in an official list of a financial market operated outside of Australia
  • Neither the company nor any related party has the intention of utilising the funds sought to be raised by the offer to issue a credit facility to the company or a related party of the company (which includes investment in securities or interests in other entities or managed investment schemes)
  • An understanding of the Intermediary’s role and responsibilities
  • The intermediary is a business holding an Australian Financial Services Industry License with a Crowd Sourced Funding endorsement issued by ASIC, which acts as the “Gatekeeper” and is required to check all documentation before it is lodged on the Intermediary’s website.
  • The Intermediary is required to ensure that the documentation that is being prepared by the issuer is accurate and that a “communication facility” is available for potential investors to ask questions of the directors and management team of the issuer and the Intermediary.
  • The Intermediary has a wide range of responsibilities under the legislation.
  • The Intermediary is required to determine whether a person, who is proposing to invest, is a “retail investor”. If so, the Intermediary is required to monitor a retail investor’s investment in the issuer over the preceding 12-months to ensure that the retail investor has invested no more than $10,000 into the company.
  • Intermediaries must not financially assist a retail client to acquire securities.
  • Material to guide you through the Crowd Sourced Funding process:
  • Overview of Crowd Sourced Funding:
    • Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Overview
  • Crowd Sourced Funding now available for Small Proprietary Companies
    • Small Proprietary Companies at Last Able to Access Crowd Sourced Funding Capital Raising
    • Small Proprietary Companies Checklist
  • Understanding Crowd Sourced Funding – Equity raising:
    • What is Crowd Sourced Funding?
    • The Crowd Sourced Funding Legislation
    • Determining eligibility as a Crowd Sourced Funding Company
    • Crowd Sourced Funding Issuer Cap
    • Making a Crowd Sourced Funding Offer
  • Potential clients:
    • Matrix for the determination of potential clients who might be interested in raising capital
    • Potential investors
    • Retail clients
    • Crowd Sourced Funding Intermediaries
    • Overview of duties and responsibilities
    • Negotiations with intermediaries
    • Appointment of intermediary for a client
    • The listing process
  • Preparation of Crowd Sourced Funding Offer Document:
    • Checklist to ensure compliance with the legislation
    • Template for the preparation of a Crowd Sourced Funding Offer Document
  • Post capital raising:
    • Issuing of share certificates
    • Lodgements required with ASIC
  • Other professional services that your clients may require:
    • Preparation of Business Plan
    • Preparation of Budgets and Cash Flow Forecasts
    • Company valuation
    • Determination of share price
    • Supply of a Virtual Chief Financial Officer Service

Accountancy firms/business advisers are well placed to be able to supply these services to SME companies.
The ESS BIZTOOLS’ Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Package will assist you to deliver an outstanding professional services for your client – thus enabling your firm to grow with your clients.

New Income Stream

The majority of companies interested in Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising will require assistance from accountancy/business advisory firms for the preparation of their Crowd Sourced Funding Offer Document and possibly associated documents. This gives an outstanding opportunity for your firm to offer proactive advice to your clients and prospects and to differentiate your services from those of your competitors – thus creating a “new income stream”.
Potential Sources of New Income:
  • Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Mentoring – indicative fees $5,000 - $11,000 (plus GST)
Potential Additional Fees:
  • Preparation of Business Plan – indicative fees $10,000 - $30,000 (plus GST).
  • Preparation of Budgets and Cashflow Forecast – indicative fees $3,000 - $10,000 (plus GST).
  • Company valuation and share price determination - indicative fees $10,000 - $25,000 (plus GST).

  • Company directors’ mentoring advice relative to Corporate Governance – indicative fees $2,000 - $10,000 (plus GST).
  • Virtual Chief Financial Officer Service – indicative fees $10,000 - $125,000 (plus GST)
Your investment:

ESS BIZTOOLS’ Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Package annual subscription - $999 (including GST).


Alternatively, if you wish you could subscriber to ESS BIZTOOLS’ Gold Package – includes Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Package – for an annual subscription of $2,970 (including GST).

Package Content

The Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Package incorporates commentary on the following areas:

  • How to Use Webinar
A detailed how to use "Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Webinar" is included in the product package.

  • Seminar/Webinar Package for Subscriber's Use
The Seminar/Webinar Package gives subscribers the ability to present seminars/webinars to clients/prospects on all aspects of Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising.

  • Web Page Article
The web page article will assist you to communicate with your clients/prospects that you are familiar with Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising and keen to assist clients/prospects to get ready for a "Crowd Sourced Funding Ready Status".

  • Improving Your Bottom Line
A promotional article on Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising that you can badge and send to your clients/prospects to inform them about Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising and to inform them that your firm is keen to assist them if they would like to explore Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising.
  • The ESS BIZTOOLS’ Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Package incorporates:
Detailed questionnaire/action plan to assist accountants/advisers to conduct a due diligence review on a company to determine whether it complies with Crowd Sourced Funding (CSF) status including:
  • CSF Legislation Overview
  • Eligible CSF Company
  • Issuer Gap
  • Fund Raising in addition to a CSF Offer
  • Primary Issue Only
  • Making a CSF Offer
  • Corporate Governance Concessions
  • CSF Intermediary’s - Licensing Requirements
  • Australian Market Licence (AML)
  • The Obligations of a CSF Intermediary
  • Stages of a CSF Offer
  • CSF Investors
  • General Investor Protections
  • Investor Protection for Retail Customers Only
  • When is a CSF Document defective?
  • Obligations in relation to defective documents
  • Investor Rights - defective documents
  • Criminal and Civil Liability
  • ASIC Role Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising
  • Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Overview
  • Why would you use Crowd Funding to raise capital? – A Q/A summary to assist you with this conversation with your clients.
  • How does Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising compares with other capital raising strategies available in Australia?
  • Checklist of matters to be considered by directors relative to Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising
  • Checklist of matters to be attended to by the Intermediary (Gatekeeper) appointed
  • Checklist to guide an accountancy business in offering a Crowd Sourced Funding Due Diligence Review

Want To Know More?

A new opportunity for small/medium enterprises, inventors and entrepreneurs has emerged with the passing by the Australian Senate of the Australian government’s Crowd Sourced Funding Amendments to the Corporations Act to enable a small proprietary company to raise capital from the public.

SMEs and others now have three distinct opportunities where they can raise capital from the public without producing a prospectus.  These opportunities for capital raising are:

  • Crowd Sourced Funding
  • Early-Stage Innovation Company
  • Section 708 of the Corporations Act "Capital Raising"

The opportunity to raise capital utilising Crowd Sourced Funding has been a dream for many SMEs, inventors and entrepreneurs over recent years.  Thousands of small/medium enterprises, inventors and entrepreneurs are expected to avail themselves of the opportunity to raise capital in this unique fashion.  Australian now joins Europe, USA and New Zealand where SMEs have enjoyed this opportunity for the last six years.

Most of the entities seeking to raise capital using the Crowd Sourced Funding process are expected to be small/medium size businesses.  These types of businesses are traditionally the clients of small to medium-sized accountancy businesses all around Australia.  Small/medium sized accountants who gear up for the opportunity of being able to service this new emerging market will be able to create a significant “new income stream”.

An eligible company which is able to raise capital utilising crowd-sourced funding, will have a group turnover under $25 million per annum and gross group assets valued at under $25 million.

ASIC announced the first group of businesses licenced as Crowd Sourced Funding Intermediaries in January 2018.  Seven businesses were appointed as Intermediaries.  The Intermediaries are based in:


Companies that have raised more than $3 million in capital are required to appoint an Auditor.

The legislation introduces some new titles to corporate law relating to the “gatekeepers” who are referred to as CSF Intermediaries.  The Intermediaries are businesses with financial services licenses which are expressly authorised by a further license to provide a crowd funding service.  In this role the Intermediary will check the CSF Offer Document and the other documentation required to be produced and will then list the company's Offer Document onto the Intermediary's website where it can remain for up to three months or such lesser time that has been stipulated in the Offer Document.

The legislation includes a restriction on the amount of money that a “retail investor” can invest in a company raising capital by Crowd-Sourced Funding to $10,000 every twelve months.  The legislation does not identify any minimum investment amount.

There is no restriction on the amount of investment from a “sophisticated investor” (defined in section 708(8) of the Corporations Act).

Companies will be able to raise capital by utilising a mixture of crowdfunding and raising capital utilising section 708 of the Corporations Act, if they wish.

Obviously the benefit from this legislation for small/medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and inventors is that there is an opportunity to raise money for business expansion without having to utilise extensive personal funds, second mortgages on houses, credit cards or borrowings from relatives etc.

However, companies will need to be able to produce adequate documents which will form part of the CSF Offer Document to convince firstly the CSF Intermediary and the “crowd” that the company is in an “investment ready state” and that the company’s directors and management team understand modern corporate practice and the immense responsibility of using other people’s money in their business activities.  Some of these companies will grow into very large corporations which will have significant benefits for their founders and investors.

However this “fairy tale” ending will not be achieved unless there has been strong discipline shown in the preparation of the documentation that is going to be required to be submitted to the “gatekeeper”.

The “Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Package” will assist your accountancy/business advisory business to advise your clients adequately to understand the various components of the Crowd Sourced Funding opportunity and will place you in an ideal position to work with your clients in the preparation of the various document required for the Crowd Sourced Funding Offer Document.

Equity Crowdfunding Forecast to Grow Tenfold in Just Five Years

Enable Funding (formerly ASSOB – Australian Small Scale offer Board) has forecast that the new crowd sourced funding capital raising market will soar from $119 million in 2016 (primarily s709 capital raising and some Early Stage Innovation Company capital Raising) to $1.5 billion in 2021, which would result in a tenfold increased.  (click here).

Other articles on crowd sourced funding:

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