SME Debtors’ System Manual Package

Edit the SME Debtors’ System Manual so you have prepared a customised manual suitable for an individual client – branded with your client’s name and the name of your firm.

About This Package

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  • This product package assists accountants/business advisers to professionalise the management of debtors for small/medium enterprise clients.
  • Conduct a Due Diligence Review periodically and update the manual or mentor your client’s team members as required.

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Package Content

The key contents within the SME Debtors Systems’ Manual include:

  • Introduction to Affective Debtors Management
  • Debtors Management System Checklist
  • Setting up an Effective Debtors Management System
  • Being Diligent on Transactions
  • Proactive Monitoring of Debtors
  • Debtors Management
  • Monthly Debtors’ Timetable
  • Debtors Systems Staff Training
  • Debt Recovery Letters
  • Cashflow Management Hints
  • Debtors Discounting and Factoring
  • Debtors’ System Review by your Accountant

Want To Know More?

The SME Debtors’ Manual enables accountants/business advisors to develop a customised debtors’ manual that has been prepared to suit the individual requirements of a business.

You have the ability to create a written system for your SME client.

The SME Debtors Systems’ Manual will assist your client’s staff to understand their role a lot better and will encourage them to be very proactive team members.

Most businesses do not have written systems, especially for debtors’ management. The fact that you are able to produce a SME Debtors Systems’ Manual for your clients will differentiate your services and will also differentiate your clients’ business activities.

Small/medium enterprises in Australia have significant problems with debtors’ days outstanding.  In fact the Australian government’s Small Medium Enterprise and Family Business Ombudsman recently indicated that Australia had the dubious distinction of having the highest debtors’ days’ outstanding rate in the world.

The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull announced in November 2017 that he had instructed Australian government departments to ensure that invoices received from small/medium enterprises were paid within “20 calendar days” of the date of the invoice.

This is a significant result for the campaign that various small/medium enterprise lobby groups and the Australian government’s “Small Business and Family Business Ombudsman”, Katie Carnell, has been arguing for the sometime.

It is to be hoped that state governments will follow the lead of the Australian government.

Small businesses will now be looking to big business to see whether big businesses are prepared to implement a similar program.

Then hopefully the days of Australian small/medium enterprises having debtors’ days outstanding of over 93 days, will no longer occur.

However, the problem with debtors’ days outstanding is not just caused by government or big business delays in making payments because many small/medium enterprises do not deal with government departments or big business.

We believe that a significant problem is that a large number of small/medium enterprises have never implemented an appropriate debtors’ management system that has been established to assist in minimising the investment in sundry debtors and to lower “debtors’ days outstanding” as far as possible.

The SME Debtors Systems’ Manual, developed by ESS BIZTOOLS, has been prepared to assist accountants/business advisors to mentor your clients on the establishment of appropriate debtors’ management systems that will minimise the amount owed to those businesses by their debtors.

The SME Debtors Systems’ Manual and associated Debtors’ Management Review gives your firm the opportunity to be making a significant contribution to the reduction in debtors’ days outstanding within your clients’ businesses, thus improving their overall cashflow position.

The SME Debtors’ Systems’ Manual comprises 22 pages of notes and six pages of addendums. 

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