Selling a Business Product Package

Preparation is the key for achieving the top value from the sale of a business.

About This Package

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  • With thousands of “baby boomers” thinking about selling their businesses, it is a “buyer’s market”.
  • Accountants/business advisers can assist clients wishing to sell their businesses to achieve an acceptable sales price by early planning, determining what the business is worth, comparing this to the client’s expectation, thus identifying the “valuation gap” and then developing strategies with your client to bridge the “valuation gap”.
  • The ESS BIZTOOLS’ “Selling a Business Product Package” includes a range of tools to assist you to deliver an outstanding professional service.

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Package Content

The “Selling a Business Product Package” includes:

  • Quotation and Proposal template.
  • Marketing and promotional material to promote your interest in assisting clients to sell their businesses.
  • Articles on selling a business for your client.
  • Getting ready for sale.
  • Items to consider in planning a sale.
  • Staff retention bonus.
  • Planning the sale.
  • Due Diligence Checklist – especially if you are going to offer vendor finance.
  • What do you need from the buyer?
  • Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Selling Memorandum.
  • Taxation issues.
  • Potential impediments to valuation/sale.
  • Prepare Business Valuation Report.
  • Bridging Valuation Gap Action Plan.
  • Issues to consider to finalise a sales contract.

Want To Know More?

The key words associated with selling a business is “preparation” and “time”.

Our recommendation is that accountants/business advisers should be monitoring clients, especially those who are approaching potential retirement age, on an annual basis to determine what they want to do.

Thousands of “baby boomers” are potentially thinking about selling their businesses.  Preparation and time are very important if your client is going to achieve a value close to what they think their business is worth.

The key questions are:
  • What does the client think the business is worth?
  • What is the value that you put on the business?
  • What is the “valuation gap”?

You are then able to prepare a strategy document which outlines changes, improvements and different approaches to be implemented so that the business will, within a period of time, be worth as close as possible to the client’s original estimate, as long as it is realistic.

You will then be able to assist the client in preparing a Selling Memorandum for the sale of the business.

The ESS BIZTOOLS’ Selling a Business Product Package includes a range of articles, forms and templates to assist you to methodically work through, with your client, to develop a strategy that suits your individual client’s requirements.

The package includes marketing material to assist you to inform your clients and prospects that your accountancy/business advisory business is able to assist them to achieve a realistic price for their business.

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