Business Health Check – Road Transport Services

A product package to facilitate a detailed analysis of a road transport services business.

About This Package

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  • A product package to be used to analyse the performance of a road transport business across a wide range of business activities.
  • The completed documents will enable you to closely analyse the performance of the business and identify areas for improvement.

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Package Content

  • Data Required Form – to be supplied by your client.
  • Key Performance Indicators Report (information generated from the data entered by your client).
  • Templates of other tools to be used by accountants/business advisers to evaluate the performance of the road transport business.

Want To Know More?

The information prepared from the analysis of the road transport services client will enable you to have a detailed conversation with your client about the performance of the business and if you have compared the key performance indicator analysis with industry benchmarks you will be able to give your client an overall summary of how their business performance compares with their peers in the industry.

The review process commences with:

  • Calendar
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Sales Dissection
  • Income Statistics
  • Hours Business Operated
  • Cost of Goods Sold/Gross Profit
  • Working Owners/Principals
  • Employees
  • Stock/Inventory
  • Balance Sheet
  • Expenses
  • Profit & Loss

Key Performance Indicators Report – Road Transport Services (this is the report which is generated from the data entered via the “Data Required Form”):

  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Dissection
  • Customer Details
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Wages Analysis
  • Expenses Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Staff Analysis
  • Suppliers Analysis
  • Cost per Kilometre
  • Productivity
  • Product Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Analysis

A summary of some of the items within the key performance indicator final report include:

Gross Profit Analysis:

  • own trucks
  • subcontractors’ trucks

Wages Analysis:

  • drivers
  • mechanics

Expenses Analysis:

  • Subcontractors’ percentage of sales
  • energy expenses
  • lease payments

Suppliers Analysis

  • Major suppliers’ analysis – percentage change in expenditure, this as compared to previous periods.

By utilising this type of key performance indicator analysis you will be able to ensure that your contribution to your client’s business is seen in the context of being “commercial input” rather than just “taxation”.

Templates available for use in Business Health Check Review for Road Transport Services:

  • Break Even Calculation
  • Working Capital Evaluation
  • Benchmarking
  • Calculation of Future Maintainable Profits
  • Business Valuation
  • “What If” Scenarios – Sales Targets
  • Ratio Analysis Report
  • Business Health Check Report

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