Bronze Level Access

What do you get with Bronze Level Access?

Ideally suited to small accountancy firms looking to provide their SME clients with regular informative newsletters and to follow up with easy to read informational papers.

Package Content

You get access to the following content...

Business Advisory Services
A series of systemised processes allowing your accountancy firm to transition from compliance to business advisory services.
  • Training Modules – there are 11 modules, Bronze subscribers receive 2 Modules
  • Product Packages – there are 18 packages, Bronze subscribers receive 2
Client Mentoring & Coaching Modules
There are 12 modules; Bronze subscribers have access to 4
  • Purchasing or Commencing Business
  • Introductory Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Networks
  • Business Planning
  • Plus more...
Business Plus+ Newsletter.
Bronze subscribers receive all 13 editions produced annually.
  • A newsletter targeted at your SME clients.
  • Concentrates on commercial matters.
  • 13 editions annually
  • Marketing and Promotional Material
ESS  Papers
There are 500+ titles; Bronze subscribers have access to 100.
  • Beginning in Business
  • Bookkeeping Systems
  • Business Entities
  • Business Systems
  • Accounting Reports & Terminologies
  • Operating A Successful Business
  • Plus more...
Client Seminars & Webinars
There are 35 Seminars; Bronze subscribers have access to 3.
  • The Beginning Of Business Management Seminar
  • Business Management - Firm Foundations Seminar
  • One more to come...
Leadership Modules
There are 16 Modules; Bronze subscribers have access to 2.
  • Teams & Teamwork
  • Leadership: Making the Difference
  • Developing Leadership People Skills
  • Developing Relationships & Trust
  • Motivation
  • Counselling & Coaching
  • Delegation
  • Problem-solving & decision-making

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