Business Advisory Services Starter Package

Ideally suited to small accountancy firms looking to provide their SME clients with regular informative newsletters and to follow up with easy to read informational papers.

Included in this Package:

Package Content

You get access to the following content...
  • This is thirteen step training program:
  • Introduction to Business Advisory Services
  • Getting organised for Business Advisory services
  • Offering Business Advisory Services
  • Team Training for Business Advisory Services
  • Leadership Strategies for Business Advisory Services
  • Marketing Strategies for Business Advisory Services
  • Review of Product Services that could be Offered
  • Use of SME Needs’ Analysis
  • Selection of products to be offered Product Champions
  • Planning Seminar to launch Business Advisory Services
  • Selling Business Advisory Services
  • Implementation of Business Advisory Services
  • One on One Meetings for Business Advisory Services
ESS Access to 343 papers – From the ESS BIZTOOLS Library (approximately 550 papers).
  • Beginning in Business
  • Bookkeeping Systems
  • Business Entities
  • Business Systems
  • Accounting Reports & Terminologies
  • Operating A Successful Business
  • Plus more...
There are 12 Mentoring modules; Bronze subscribers have access to 4.
  • Purchasing or Commencing Business
  • Introductory Management
  • Experienced Management
  • Dealing With Banks
  • Business Planning
  • Plus more...
ESS BIZTOOLS will provide 2 x 1 hour coaching via Zoom for an individual firm
Business Plus+ is produced monthly (February to December) with two additional editions being produced in May - "Federal Government's Budget Effects on SMEs" and "End of Year Tax Planning". Business Plus+ includes information on business development items, which will encourage your clients to use a wider range of services from your accountancy business. We also enclose links to the appropriate ESS BIZTOOLS material that contains additional information on the subject matters raised within Business Plus+ for internal reference.
  • Debtors’ management is an enormous problem for the majority of small/medium enterprises in Australia.
  • The Australian “debtors’ days outstanding” is the “longest in the world!”.
  • This package assists accountants/business advisers to implement strategies to improve Debtors’ Management Systems, thus reducing the investment in debtors and debtors’ days outstanding and contributing to a Cashflow improvement for small/medium enterprises.
This product package contains a detailed evaluation process based on 38 questionnaires which will enable you to evaluate the performance of virtually any type of business.
This package includes calculators for:
  • Determination of charge out rates for Tradies to assist in generating targeted profits.
  • Retail pricing calculator to facilitate an analysis of product mixes and mark-ups to assist retailers to generate targeted profits.
  • Professional services firms charge out rate calculators to assist professional firms to calculate charge out rates sufficient to generate targeted profits
  • Business Health Checks – for five business groups at present (we are adding four new business groups in 2021 which will be available to all current Gold Subscribers).
This product package assists accountants/business advisers to professionalise the management of debtors for small/medium enterprise clients.
Conduct a Due Diligence Review periodically and update the manual or mentor your client’s team members as required.
The Leadership Package has been developed to encourage accountants/business advisers to utilise first and for you then to use the leadership skills in offering services to your clients.
If you wish, you could then utilise the material to deliver “Introductory Leadership Training” to your clients.
There are 16 Modules; Bronze subscribers have access to 4.
Invitation to participate in:
  • Business Advisory Services Briefing
  • Monthly 30 minute Zoom conversation on “Business Advisory Services”
  • Members’ webinar
  • Monthly update on products contained within ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZ GRANTS.
Our monthly special newsletter to our members.
Money Back Guarantee
If after 60 days, you are not completely satisfied with ESS BIZTOOLS, we will gladly refund your subscription.

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-OR- YEARLY: Cash up front discount subscription for twelve months $999 (incl GST)

If, after 60 days, you are not completely satisfied with ESS BIZTOOLS, we will gladly refund your subscription.
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