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The Research And Development Product Package developed by ESS BIZTOOLS contains a series of papers, forms, videos, flow charts, Excel workbook for accountants to use for team training and for the marketing, promotion, quotation preparation, updates from the Australian Taxation Office and AusIndustry as well as a “white label” version of components of the system of benefit for the accountancy firm’s client for advice on Research and Development.

Package Content:

  • Accountant’s documents.

  • White label documents (for accountants to download to the computer of their clients who have contracted them to supply Research and Development advice).
  • 50 Business Advisory Services Forms to assist in completing the wide range of tasks required to be attended to for the Research and Development journey.
  • 13 papers on various matters relating to Research and Development from the identification of an “idea” through to the completion of the annual registration form with AusIndustry and the information to be included in the company’s taxation return relative to research and development activities.
  • Research and Development workbooks to facilitate the recording of Research and Development expenditure comprising labour, labour on costs, other direct costs, supporting Research and Development costs and the total Research and Development costs.
  • The system includes Instructions and forms to facilitate the calculation of feedstock adjustment and clawback of government grants and government reimbursements for Research and Development expenditure.
  • Procedure form for the calculation of a company’s Research and Development incentive rebate for the financial year.

Other information included in this Product Package includes:

Invitation to participate in:
  • Business Advisory Services Briefing
  • Monthly 30 minute Zoom conversation on “Business Advisory Services”
  • Members’ webinar
  • Monthly update on products contained within ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZ GRANTS.

Our monthly special newsletter to our members.

  • This is thirteen step training program:
  • Introduction to Business Advisory Services
  • Getting organised for Business Advisory services
  • Offering Business Advisory Services
  • Team Training for Business Advisory Services
  • Leadership Strategies for Business Advisory Services
  • Marketing Strategies for Business Advisory Services
  • Review of Product Services that could be Offered
  • Use of SME Needs’ Analysis
  • Selection of products to be offered Product Champions
  • Planning Seminar to launch Business Advisory Services
  • Selling Business Advisory Services
  • Implementation of Business Advisory Services
  • One on One Meetings for Business Advisory Services
  • Business Plus+ is produced monthly (February to December) with two additional editions being produced in May - "Federal Government's Budget Effects on SMEs" and "End of Year Tax Planning". Business Plus+ includes information on business development items, which will encourage your clients to use a wider range of services from your accountancy business. We also enclose links to the appropriate ESS BIZTOOLS material that contains additional information on the subject matters raised within Business Plus+ for internal reference.
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