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The “ Survival in Difficult Times Product Package” contains a range of articles, reference material, questionnaire workbook containing thought-provoking questions to assist accountants, business advisors to undertake a detailed due diligence review of a client’s business activities so as to give your client suggested strategies to assist your client to survive in these “ Difficult Times.”

Please note that, if you subscribe to the “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package” you will receive all of the papers mentioned in the “Survival in Difficult Times Learn More”.

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The “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package” contains:

  • Individual papers on government loans/grants/incentives to purchase for COVID-19 Coronavirus and natural disasters – droughts, bushfires, floods, cyclones
  • A brief description is provided for each paper.
  • Survival in Difficult Times for SMEs Workbook – a series of 42 questionnaire workbooks to assist in the evaluation of a client’s business operations which could be undertaken by your client’s leadership team or as an assignment performed by your team.

  • Business Evaluation for SMEs (Paper 006 – 085) – a separate “reference paper” which is linked from “Survival in Difficult Times for SMEs Workbook” to give more information on strategies to survive in “Difficult Times”.
  • Characteristics of a Well-Run Business (Paper 006 – 080) – a summary of 20 key characteristics that most businesses should be aspiring for to ensure successful operations.
  • 10 Point Checklist for COVID-19 Coronavirus and Natural Disasters Strategies
  • You will have access to the weekly videos that we have prepared in conjunction with our affiliates and other experts which we believe will assist you in the delivery of Business Advisory Services advice to your clients

  • ESS BIZTOOLS “Business Plus” a monthly newsletter that accountants/business advisors can badge and send to clients.

  • Access to a range of other papers that are linked from “Business Evaluation for SMEs” (Paper 006-085)
  • Marketing/promotional hints relating to “Survival in Difficult Times”
  • Procedure Control Form to guide you through the mentoring process with your clients

Included in This Product Package:

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Package Content:

The “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package” has been prepared to assist accountants/business advisors to mentor clients on a range of commercial issues relating to the survival of their businesses during the COVID-19Coronavirus/Recovery from Natural Disasters Period.

There are a number of components incorporated within the “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package” including:

  • Papers relating to Australian, State and Territory Governments Loans/Grants/Incentive to purchase which will assist accountants/business advisors to be able to advise clients on the application processes.
  • 10 Point Checklist for COVID-19 Coronavirus and Natural Disasters Strategies
  • Survival in Difficult Times for SMEs Workbook – a series of 37 questionnaire workbooks to assist in the evaluation of your client’s business. Details of the contents of the questionnaire workbook are as follows:
  • Business Evaluation for SMEs (Paper 006 – 085) a separate “reference paper” to assist your clients or your team to obtain additional information on various strategies that they might be considering. Details of the contents of this reference paper are as follows:
    1. 2020 Brings Many Challenges!
    2. Government Loans And Grants For Natural Disasters
    3. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Assistance
    4. Applying For Government Loans/Grants For Clients
    5. Business Monitoring/Benchmarking
    6. Steps To Ensure Peak SME Fitness
    7. Cost Review
    8. Team Members
    9. Wastage/Defects And Reworks
    10. Shrinkage
    11. Theft Pilferage And Fraud
    12. Cashflow Forecasts, Budgets And Projected Balance Sheets Are Important
    13. Cashflow Management
    14. Customers
      1. New Customers
      2. Check the Credentials of New Customers
      3. Keeping Customers
      4. 80:20 - Customers
      5. Spread Your Risk of Danger
      6. Unemployment Effects
      7. Personal Property Securities Register
    15. Debtors' Management
      1. Systems Review
      2. Ensuring Your Big Customers Pay
      3. Give Your Customers A Reason To Pay
      4. Follow-Up Your Debtors
      5. Don't Be The Financier For Your Customers
      6. Personal Property Securities Register
    16. Debtor Finance (Factoring) An Help
    17. Credit/Debtor Insurance
    18. Work In Progress
    19. Stock (Inventory)
    20. Suppliers
    21. Importers
      1. Currency Contracts
      2. Tradex Scheme
      3. Currency Movements
    22. Exporters
      1. Export Plans
      2. Foreign Exchange Contracts
      3. Currency Movements
      4. Export Financing
    23. Banks/Lenders
      1. Bank's "Rule Book"
      2. Keep Bank Informed
      3. Review Debt Covenants
      4. Are You Living Off Credit?
      5. Don't Rush Out and Borrow More Money
      6. Financial Stress Testing
      7. Review Your Debt
      8. Consider Reducing Debt
      9. Talking to Another Bank Might be Good Insurance
      10. Build a Relationship With Your Bank
    24. Marketing
      1. Effective Marketing Plan
      2. Inside Advantage
      3. Don't Curtail Marketing
      4. Market Generation
      5. Social Media
    25. Selling
      1. Building Your Business
      2. Professional Selling
      3. Purchasing
      4. Existing Franchisee
      5. Franchisor
    26. Profitability
    27. Property Investments
    28. Culture Is Important
      1. Attributes
      2. Business Loyalty
      3. Strategic Alliances
      4. Culture Is The Hidden Success
    29. Selling A Business
    30. Franchising
      1. Purchasing
      2. Existing Franchisee
      3. Franchisor
    31. Government
      1. Spending
      2. Industry Capability Network
    32. Capital
      1. Capital Components
      2. Crowd-Sourced Funding
      3. Early Stage Innovation Companies - Capital Raising
      4. S708 Capital Raising
    33. Leadership Is Vital For Success
    34. Benchmarking
      1. Australian Taxation Office
      2. Commercial Benchmarks
    35. Buying A Business
    36. Insurance
    37. Succession In Difficult Times
    38. Government Grants
    39. Avoiding Problems
      1. Concentrate On Core Business
      2. Retail
      3. Rent Incentives
      4. Avoid Dependency On A Few Customers
      5. Website
    40. The Big Picture
    41. Professional Advice
  • Characteristics of A Well-Run Business (Paper 006 – 080) a summary of 20 key characteristics Applicable to Most Businesses that if implemented will contribute to success. The 20 key characteristics discussed are:
    1. Personal Capacity and Development
    2. Excellent Customer Knowledge and Service
    3. Excellent Product/Industry Knowledge
    4. Excellent Systems
    5. Excellent Analysis of Results
    6. Excellent Cash Control
    7. Excellent Stock Management
    8. Excellent Work in Progress Control
    9. Excellent Debtor Control
    10. Excellent Cost Control
    11. Excellent Staff Management, Motivation and Communication
    12. Excellent Marketing Expertise/The Ability To Assess Market Place Opportunities
    13. Ability To Change With Market Conditions/Prices Review
    14. Excellent Assessment Of Competitors
    15. Capital Base
    16. Use of Professional Advisors: Accountant – Banker – Solicitor
    17. Networking
    18. Excellent Planning
    19. Excellent Quality Control
    20. Excellent Management/Administration
  • Survival for SMEs Mentoring Video –  You will be able to view over 20 videos that have been produced on issues relating to COVID-19 Coronavirus and strategies for businesses to trade out of the COVID-19 Coronavirus issues by a group of experts.

  • ESS BIZTOOLS Business Plus monthly newsletter. Your subscription includes the receipt of the ESS BIZTOOLS' monthly newsletter which is designed for accountants to badge and then distribute to clients/prospects.
  • Business Advisory Services Training Package – our training package is divided into 12 instalments to assist in the familiarisation of your team to the challenges of delivering Business Advisory Services to your clients
  • Marketing and promotional material to assist you to communicate with your clients/prospects during this very challenging time.
  • Access to approximately 27 papers that are referred to in “Business Evaluation for SMEs”
    • Benchmarking For SMEs – Paper 006-090
    • Risk Planning For SMEs – Paper 029-007
    • Budgets And Cash flow Forecasts – Paper 005-035
    • Cost Control – An Overview – Paper 037-001
    • Best Practice In Human Resources Management – Paper 017-050
    • PPSR – Operational Issues in Risk Management –Paper 051-010
    • Sundry Debtors – Paper 005-005
    • Insurance – An Overview – Paper 024-001
    • Work In Progress – Paper 005-010
    • Personal Property Securities Register – Paper 051-005
    • Stock Management – Paper 005-011
    • Stock (Inventory) Control – Paper 002-080
    • Internal Control And Systems Review – Paper 004-070
    • Suppliers – Paper 021-017
    • Tradex Scheme – Paper 014-041
    • Exporting Overview – Paper 015-001
    • Banks and Financiers – An Overview – Paper 011-001
    • Marketing – An Overview – Paper 008-001
    • Strategies for Making Profit – Paper 009-082
    • Valuation of Emerging Companies – Introduction – Paper 042-001
    • Checklist For The Sale of a Business – Paper 036-010
    • Industry Capability Network – Paper 014-015
    • Personal Leadership Capacity And Development – Paper 006-001
    • Hints on Buying A Small Business – Paper 001-020
    • Introduction to Insurance – Paper 001-033
    • Checklist for Succession Planning – Paper 050-055
    • Using Government Grants – Paper 014-001
  • A procedure control form to guide you through this process of mentoring advice to your clients.
  • Subscribers will be eligible to access during their twelve month subscription period any new papers or material that we add to the “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package”.

Package Content Breakdown

This package content can be purchased individually however you will obtain access to all content if you Subscribe to the Survival in Difficult Times Package. Please click the titles if to learn more or download then individually.

  • Australian Government:

    • Disaster Recovery Allowance
    • Export Finance Australia – Small Business Export Loan
    • Disaster Recovery Payment (if adversely affected by a major disaster)
    • Australian Airlines Financial Relief Package
    • Australian Manufacturing Fund for Personal Protective Equipment
    • COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program
    • COVID-19 Regional Airline Network Support Program
    • COVID-19 Regional Airlines Funding Assistance
    • Economic Survival Package - COVID-19
    • Queensland:
      • Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Program
  • Loans – Primary Producers And Farm Businesses Because Of Natural Disasters:

    • Queensland:
      • Drought Assistance Concessional Loan Scheme
      • Disaster Assistance Loans – Essential Working Capital – Primary Producers
      • Disaster Assistance Loans
    • New South Wales:
      • Natural Disaster Loan – Primary Producers
    • Victoria:
      • Drought Assistance Concessional Loan Scheme
      • Dairy Recovery Concessional Loan Scheme
  • Primary Producers and Businesses Loans Because of Natural Disasters

    • Queensland:
      • Exceptional Disaster Assistance Loans – Primary Producers and Businesses
    • New South Wales:
      • Special Disaster Loans – Bushfires
    • Victoria:
      • Victorian Bushfire Concessional Loans
      • Wangarratta Floods and Storms Concessional Loans
      • South-East Victoria Bushfire Recovery Loans – Primary Producers, Small Businesses, Not-For-Profit Organisations
    • South Australia:
      • Concessional Bushfire Loans
  • Coronavirus

    • Queensland:
      • Industry Recovery Package – Coronavirus
    • Northern Territory:
      • New Visitor Experience Program
      • Aboriginal Tourism Grant Program
      • Territory Jobs Hub
      • Business Improvement Grant
      • Small Business Survival Fund
      • Home Improvement Scheme
      • Immediate Work Grants
    • South Australia:
      • Job Rescue Package
      • Australian Airline Financial Relief Package
  • Grants/Relief – Primary Producers Because Of Natural Disasters

    • Queensland:
      • Drought Relief Assistance Scheme
      • Drought Relief from Electricity Charges
      • Special Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants – Exceptional Circumstances
      • Special Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants – Primary Producers – Cyclone Trevor
      • Special Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants – Primary Producers in North and Far North Queensland Monsoon January/February 2019
      • Emergency Bushfire Response in Primary Industries
      • North Queensland Restocking, Replanting and On-Farm Information Grants
    • New South Wales:
      • Special Disaster Grant – Bushfires – Primary Producers
      • Transport Subsidy in Response to a Declared Natural Disaster
      • Emergency Drought Relief - Transport Subsidy
      • Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme
      • Animal Welfare Transport Subsidy
      • Donated Fodder Transport Subsidy
    • Victoria:
      • Emergency Bushfire Response in Primary Industries Grants – Victoria
      • 2020 Victorian Bushfire Recovery Support Program
      • On Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme
      • On Farm Drought Resilience Grant Program
      • Southeast Victoria Bushfires Clean-Up and Restoration Grants – Primary Producers
    • South Australia:
      • Emergency Response in Primary Industries Grant
    • Western Australia:
      • Disaster Recovery Funding – Primary Producers
  • Small Business Loans Because of Natural Disasters

    • Queensland:
      • Disaster Assistance Loans – Essential Working Capital
      • Natural Disaster Assistance Loans – Small Businesses
    • New South Wales:
      • Natural Disaster Loan – Small Business
  • Small Business Grants Because of Natural Disasters

    • Queensland:
      • Special Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants – Small Business
    • South Australia:
      • Small Business Bushfire Recovery Grant
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    • AMK Law - Article on Force Majeure and Business Contracts
    • JobKeeper Update - 24.04.20

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“This Is a Defining Moment!”

How Can Your Clients Survive?

COVID-19 Survival Panel Guest Speakers

Andrew Geddes

B.Com (Queensland), Dip.Fin.Mgnt (New England), M.Ec (New England), FCPA, FAICD.
Read Bio

Andrew Geddes

Current positions…

  • Director, Andrew Geddes Pty Ltd.
  • External Chairman, Six Multi- Discipline Professional Service Firms (all private companies).
  • Business Development Coach, selected (carefully!!!) firms.

Prior positions…

  • Non-Executive Director - Count Financial Limited (now part of CBA) 2000 – 2011
  • Non-Executive Director - Greencross Limited (Chairman since listing in 2005 through to 2014)
  • External Chairman - dozens of firms over the last three decades.

Andrew Geddes has been involved with business improvement work with professional service firms and smaller private companies for over forty years. He created one of Australia’s most successful business consulting and training companies in the process (FMRC Pty Ltd in Armidale, NSW).

He was the Inaugural Chairman of Greencross Limited, a veterinary group that was listed in 2005. It grew to become a top 200 ASX company in 2014, before being purchased by private equity in 2017.

Andrew spent twelve months in the late 90s working with accounting firms in the UK and North America. His material was enthusiastically received in these markets. He conducted practice development planning retreats, firm reviews, succession management and specialty service development sessions with firms of all sizes. He also spoke at conferences and seminars on a regular basis.

Andrew now specialises in assisting business owners create Senior Management Teams so that they can further develop their businesses and create succession solutions in time. He is an experienced External Chairman and Business Improvement Coach.

He currently works with both consulting and manufacturing engineering firms, surveying and land development firms, accounting firms, management consultants and IT scale ups.

He has run management skill development workshops for over forty years and is an experienced adult educator drawing on his chairmanship experience, business coaching and executive management positions.

Paul Barnaby

Accounting Industry Consultant and Australasian Manager for PlanGuru – Budgets, Cashflow and Projected Balance Sheets software
Read Bio

Paul Barnaby

Beyond Accounting Technologies was founded in 1999 by Paul Barnaby. Beyond Accounting Technologies provides specialist implementation on the methodologies of:

  • Predictive Accounting
  • Corporate Financial Analysis
  • Budgets and Cashflow Forecasting
  • Business Management Consulting

Paul is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years' experience in the profession.

For 15 years, Paul was Managing Partner of a second tier national firm in Wellington NZ.

For the past 10 plus years he has operated a Queensland Australia-based specialist consulting practice. His input to any business is practical, hands-on and designed to give clients confidence in the process of strategic planning and forecasting, as well as knowledge of software tools.

Jordan Lowry

Managing Director, Blackstone Business Services – Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Consultants
Read Bio

Jordan Lowry

Blackstone Business Services Approach

Blackstone is committed to offering tailored solutions to their clients.
They offer their clients a one-stop-shop for all of their workplace growth and compliance needs.

The goal of Blackstone Business Services is to help their clients maximise staff performance and increase their profits.

We know that clients each face their own set of unique challenges, therefore, Blackstone approaches each new engagement with the intent to gather specific information so that they can devise a tailored strategy and solution for the client's business.

The Blackstone Story

Blackstone was founded to revolutionise the workplace relations industry in Australia. The goal of the team at Blackstone is to cut through the obscurity in the marketplace and offer the most premium business development and employee management services at an affordable rate for all clients.


When it comes to putting in place documentation or dealing with employee issues people tend to be either “PROACTIVE” or “REACTIVE.” Quite often people are the latter. Because of this reactive approach, employers usually seek help only once there is a problem.

Unfortunately, if you have not followed the correct processes in line with Fairwork Legislation large amounts of damage can already have been done. This is why at Blackstone their focus is to make setting up the systems to help protect your business a painless and stress-free experience. At Blackstone, you can now afford to be “PROACTIVE.”


The vision of Blackstone is to provide an advanced HR and MANAGEMENT resource that you can call YOUR own no matter how large or small your business, company or organization may be.

As experts in the field of workplace culture, employee behaviours, human resources and WHS strategy, Blackstone will prove itself to be a valuable complement to your operation.

Amanda Gascoigne

Gascoigne Enterprises Pty Ltd

Read Bio

Amanda Gascoigne

Amanda has been a career accountant all her life, working in a Big 4 and then a mid-tier accounting firm. Amanda is an FCA and had a successful accounting practice for 18 years which she started from scratch in 1999.

After 18 years as a practice owner, Amanda pivoted and now coaches and consults to accounting practice owners wanting to embrace contemporary practice ways that are a win/win for all – themselves, their families, their teams and their clients.

Amanda developed quite a niche with accounting practice owners with children (or who would like to have children in the near future) who want a practice that not only ticks the boxes professionally but personally as well.

Amanda's bespoke coaching for accounting practice owners brings together her entrepreneurial and empathetic business and practice management skills.

Ashley Evans

Partner, AAA+ Financial Solutions.
Read Bio

Ashley Evans

AAA+ Financial Solutions is Northern Queensland's premier finance, mortgage broker and home loan specialists.

Operating since 2001, it has helped thousands of regional Queenslanders to achieve their financial goals.

Their award-winning service offers a superior, personalised approach so you can be sure you are dealing with trusted and experienced professional brokers.

Based in Townsville and servicing all areas of regional Queensland, they can take care of your complete finance requirements. From large commercial, rural funding through to home loans and car and equipment loans, they can assist with every aspect of your portfolio of credit needs.

AAA+ offers an open and trustworthy process for you to locate and source the loan suited to your particular situation and circumstances – they pride themselves on their independence and are under no obligation to any one lender.

They will work with you to identify and value all of your specific and changing financial needs.

AAA+ Financial Solutions is fully qualified members of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia so you can be sure that you're dealing with the specialists you need.

Trent Butler

Trent Butler Consulting Pty Ltd
Read Bio

Trent Butler

Trent Butler Consulting Pty Ltd help accountants, bookkeepers and financial services professionals attract the right type of clients by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

Trent is a Chartered Accountant based in Sydney, Australia. He knows a ton about developing a practice using online channels, which makes for a rather unique mix of skills. He works exclusively with accountants and advisers to help them grow their businesses by providing them with a best-practice approach to acquiring clients online.

Trent has a passion for building businesses. Specifically, building accounting and advisory practices through the power of clear messaging and valuable conversations.

Trent and his team help accountants and advisory business gain an immediate increase in clients and gross fees. The short-term objective is always positive ROI within the first 30 days.

What Trent Butler Consulting will do for you:

  • Save time: Why spend valuable hours dealing with less than ideal referrals or attending after hours networking events when we can attract high-value clients to you instead?
  • Automate: They have created a new cutting-edge client acquisition system which connects you with high-value prospects who are in desperate need (and can afford) your services. Their system works for you in the background with minimal effort allowing you to focus on what you do best.
  • Attract: They help you win prospective high-value clients through a professional, non-salesly message and their proprietary method channels your message to your exact, ideal client and turns them into a qualified booked appointment in your calendar.

Geoff Goodrich

Great Business Pty Ltd/Great Power Solutions/BIZTOOLSNT.
Read Bio

Geoff Goodrich

Great Power Solutions

Geoff Goodrich, Director, has been working in the Smart Energy space for 6 years. He has been operating and managing businesses in the NT since 1991, and has had extensive involvement in the local community.

Geoff is the founder and an active member of Territory Proud Inc, recently handing over the chair to become Ambassador. He is also the co-founder and driving force of SmartEnergy NT, a community organisation with a mission to promote the economic and social benefits of Smart Energy in the Territory.

Geoff and his team are committed to implementing change for good at both the organisational and individual level.

They help clients save money and reduce their carbon impact by adopting smart energy practices and improving energy efficiency.


BIZTOOLS NT is an organisation dedicated to sharing useful information to SMEs and accountants in the Northern Territory and beyond to build their knowledge, avoid some of the pitfalls of business and make owning a business less stressful and more profitable.

Priscilla B Smith

Tax Agent, Senior Accountant, Partner of Cloud Nine Associates Pty Ltd.
Read Bio

Priscilla B Smith

Priscilla started her accounting career in 1999, achieving a Bachelor of Tax Degree in 2006.

Always with her eye on the latest trends in the profession, she is an expert in the 'cloud' systems operation and implementation.

Agent at present, after a career built working for several Accounting Firms as a Senior Accountant.

Runs her own Accounting Practice and her passion is supporting small business and mentoring young accounting professionals, in order to achieve success.

Business advise and tax planning is her strongest skills, achieved in a 20+ year career.

Developed 'The Modern Accounting Practice' model with a strong vision of the future, based on innovation, proactive customer service and efficiency in operations.

Amongst other talents a love for teaching, she is a great dancer and an amazing cook.

Kevin Thiele

Working Better, Operations Management Consultant

Read Bio

Kevin Thiele

Management Accounting

Working Better, Operations Management Consultant

Operations Management is analysing your business down to the ‘nuts and bolts’ level to ensure everything works together for an optimum result.Areas covered are operations, workflows, quality control, accounting systems, time management, automation, purchasing and billing, cash flows, budgeting, IT and sources of non-bank finance.

Kevin is now retired from active work but currently writing an online course with lessons on each of the above topics and how you can implement them in your business. All based on his experience as a CFO, cost and management accountant mostly in the manufacturing industry, owner/operator of a mechanical workshop and management consultant. As well as many hands-on skills e.g farming, earthmoving, mechanical – none of which were too difficult when you already had a head start growing up on a farm where multi-skilling is a necessity.

Digital marketing is the current project and much more of a challenge than I ever anticipated.

Matthew Karakoulakis

Read Bio

Matthew Karakoulakis


Matthew's presentation will be titled "Legal Issues Relating to COVID-19 and in Particular Business Contracts and Force Majeure".

Matthew was the founder and Principal Solicitor at AMK Law. He consistently engaged with small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to expand by delivering high-level legal advice and services. Before starting AMK Law, Matthew worked in major firms and organisations including Clayton Utz, HWL Ebsworth and ASIC. As a result, he is very well-equipped to deal with matters of any size and complexity and working with a broad range of clients, from small and medium enterprises through to large Australian corporations, including Indigenous organisations and government bodies.

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