Premier Product Package 2021/22

Content Summary

The 13 training modules will assist in the introduction of your team to business advisory services so as to assist you to:

  • become a business advisor to your SME clients
  • stay up to date with new business opportunities for accountants to offer to small/medium enterprise operators
  • reduce accountants/advisers research and preparation costs
  • build report and relationships with your SME clients
  • retain staff by offering “real accounting work”
  • increase revenue from “new revenue streams”
  • ver product solutions for a wide range of SME concerns

Contains tools to evaluate all aspects of your client’s business. The 42 Questionnaires contained within the product package will facilitate the preparation of a Strategic Plan, Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts.

SME operators encounter numerous problems every day. In larger businesses one of the biggest “problem areas” is finance. We don’t think that this is any different for an SME. They all have “what if” questions.

You have been trained in a wide range of financial matters, not just taxation. This is the key product for you to deliver a broad range of commercial services for your clients

Virtually every financial writer in Australia is forecasting that, from October onwards, small businesses will encounter significant difficulties in being able to negotiate loans from banks. A few years ago this would have been a disaster for SMEs.

But now there is an opportunity for businesses to raise capital:

  • Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising
  • Early Stage Innovation Company
  • Business Growth Fund (an Australian government initiative with banks, expected to commence operations later this year)
  • Section 708 – Corporations Act Capital Raising

This package gives you the tools to assist your clients to determine their charge out rates, retail pricing and to conduct Business Health Checks.

The package includes:

  • Setting Charge Out Rates for Tradies' and Manufacturers' Calculator
  • Fee Setting for Professionals' Calculator
  • Setting Retail Prices' Calculator
  • Business Health Checks (internal 'Benchmarking Review') for businesses operating in the following industries:
    • Clothing Retailer
    • Commercial Building Industry
    • Pharmacies
    • Road Transport Service
    • Supermarkets

The ESS BIZGRANTS' package assists you to identify grants that will be of specific benefit to an individual client.

You enter the basic criteria relative to the client and ESS BIZGRANTS searches for grants that match that client's business profile and then produces a report that you could send to your client so that you could discuss with your client the grants for which, with your assistance, they could apply.

Government grants present opportunities for you to undertake a range of Business Advisory Services for your clients, including the preparation of Business Plans, Budgets, Cashflow Forecasts, Leadership Team Mentoring, Project Management of Accelerating Commercialisation Grant funding and other activities which have been supported under a government grant program.

  • A newsletter targeted at your SME clients
  • Concentrates on Commercial Matters
  • 13 Editions Annually
  • Marketing and Promotional Material
  • 12 Months Subscription

Package Content

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  • Survival In Difficult Times
  • Chief Financial Officer Services
  • Business Funding For SMEs
  • Industry Specific Advisory
  • Innovation Journey from Research and Development to Capital Raising
  • Accessing Government Grants For Your Clients
  • Government Grants For Disasters – Drought, Bushfires, Floods, Cyclones etc
  • Government Grants That Relate to COVID-19
  • Business Advisory Services Training

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