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Leadership Academy - Company Profile


In 1996 Peter established The Leadership Academy which is based in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia and provides leadership development, teambuilding and associated services to corporations and not for profit organisations in Queensland, New South Wales and South East Asia.

Some of The Academy’s clients include, or have included: Centrelink, Queensland Government Departments, Lifeline, Energex, Games Workshop Sydney, McDonald's Family Restaurants, Ingram Micro Computers, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Townsville Enterprise Limited, WMC Fertilizers Phosphate Hill, Queensland Nickel Industries, Downer EDI Electrical, Coalpac, Thiess, Osmotion IT and Cleveland Youth Detention Centre. In South East Asia: PT Telkom, PT Kaltim Prima Coal, PT Freeport, PT Kelian Equatorial Mining and PT INCO, all in Indonesia, and Asia Business Forum Bangkok, Thailand, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have also been pre-qualified providers of leadership and teambuilding training for Australian Customs and the Australian Federal Police.

A wide range of individuals from various organisations and businesses in Queensland and New South Wales have also attended our generic residential programs.

For testimonials go to www.leaderacademy.com.au

2. The Facilitator

The papers and slides have been produced by Peter McDougall, Managing Director of The Leadership Academy.

Peter is a proven, experienced leader who is recognised by clients and associates as highly accomplished in his field. He has had extensive experience in a wide variety of positions requiring management and leadership skills. During his Army career he served in the ranks from Private to Colonel in many and different leadership, administrative and training appointments, both while in training and on overseas operations. Key appointments were as a Lieutenant and Captain with the Special Air Service Regiment and as a Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer of the 1st Commando Regiment, both Special Forces units. He was also Chief Instructor at the Officer Cadet School, Portsea and as a Colonel commanded The Infantry Centre, one of the largest training establishments in the Australian Army. In the 1989 Australia Day Honours Awards he was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for ‘his dedication to the Army and great contribution to the Infantry Corps.’

On leaving the Army, Peter became a consultant to James Cook University and was primarily responsible for the establishment of the University Staff Development Unit. This involved:
•preparing policy documents in conjunction with senior academic and administrative staff;
•educational grant and training resources acquisitions, and
•conduct of leadership, teambuilding, problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills training for academic and support staff through theoretical and action-centred, experiential learning.

3.Facilitator Assistance

Call Peter McDougall on 0747726519, or 0403483236, or email him at petermc@leaderacademy.com.au if further explanation is needed, or you wish to engage his facilitation or training services.

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Contact Details

12 Eclipse Street, ROWES BAY, QLD 4810
(07) 4724 1118
Toll Free: 1800 232 088

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