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EnVision Partners commenced our journey towards Business Advisory Services three years ago. The decision to change was simple, however, the overwhelming amount of resources, knowledge and experience we held made it difficult to know where to start. ESS BIZTOOLS provided the templates and support we required in order to customise our EnVision Partners product suite. The result has been our own unique delivery of products and services to our customers.

I’ve known Peter Towers for about 5 years-in fact I’ve done some work for Peter helping him to grow his business by improving some of his marketing and sales ideas. My focus – as one of the leading Sales and Marketing coaches in Australia and New Zealand – is to work with Accountants and their clients and show how they can get to the ‘NEXT level’ by improving their business, improving their financial position and improving their overall lifestyle.

Whilst I don’t use Peter’s products personally I know many accounting firms that do. Every firm that does use them have nothing but praise for the research that goes into them , the accuracy of the information and the wide array of material available. It does seem that by using ESS BIZTOOLS and BIZGRANTS you can not only add to your point of difference in the market but also provide an outstanding range of solutions to many of your clients’ issues and frustrations. I have no hesitation in recommending that every accounting firm in Australia and New Zealand would receive enormous benefit in subscribing to Peter’s site.

As a Family Business Adviser, I regularly refer to ESS BIZTOOLS to explain the fundamental business principles to those Family Members I work with. I find the Hourly Charge Rate Calculator a very useful tool, as well as the Technical; Papers on the different Structures.

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