009-020 - Planning To Succeed

Managing the "business of the business" is vital. Small business operators need to identify and understand the differentiation of their business as compared to other businesses. The preparation of a Business Plan will require a small business operator to:

  • objectively analyse his/her present business operations
  • answer a wide ranging series of questions on your present activities and proposed activities
  • analyse the organisation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • set realistic targets

The paper is presented under the headings:

  • Managing The Business Of The Business Is Vital!
  • Business Plans Require You To
  • Detailed Planning Required
  • Small/Medium Sized Businesses Need A Business Plan To Survive
  • Business Plans Assist In Running A Business
  • Causes Of Business Failure
  • You Have To Think Of All Aspects Of The Business
  • Plan For Success
  • Expert Input Required
  • Reasons For The Preparation Of A Business Plan
  • Most Businesses With Business Plans Succeed
  • Planning Helps
  • Remote Planning Meeting
  • Understand What Is In The Plan
  • Use The Plan To Monitor Performance
  • Update Of Plan
  • Plan! Don't Make "Seat Of The Pants" Decisions
  • Bankers Want Business Plans