We provide accountants with
Proven Tools, Templates & Training To Execute Business Advisory Services
Technological advancement has made compliance work more efficient and automation of lower-level tasks is providing opportunities for Accountants to broaden their skill set. Don’t spend hours re-inventing the wheel when we have already developed clear and easy to follow tools, templates & training to assist you in providing Business Advisory Services to your clients.


If you’re interested in providing Business Advisory Services to your clients within the next 30 days without needing to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or divert existing resources away from your current firm’s activities...
You’ve come to the right place!

At ESS BIZTOOLS, we know that every accounting firm has its own unique client base and opportunities within the Business Advisory Space. Discover how to execute these services profitably to generate more revenue and enjoyment for your team and your accounting practice.

You’ll be able to get started almost immediately even if you have little experience in providing these services to clients. We’ve got you covered!

A Few Of The Engagements You’ll Be Able To Execute

Here is just a sample of the many Business Advisory engagements our subscriber firms are executing with their clients.

Survival in Difficult Times

This is a crucial component of “Business Advisory Services”, especially in 2020/21.The 42 segments included in the survival questionnaire enables an Accountant to conduct a detailed review of all aspects of a business as the preliminary step towards the development of a Strategic Plan for the business.

Chief Financial Officer Services

An in-depth resource package to equip a firm that wishes to offer a virtual Chief Financial Officer services to clients and prospects. This package offers training, tools and worksheets on a wide range of issues that could confront an accountancy firm that is offering a virtual CFO service to its clients.

Business Funding for SMEs

A step-by-step blueprint on how to assist your clients in raising equity capital/loan funds for their business. Not only do we include training on how to execute this type of engagement, we have already created the ‘plug and play’ templates needed to help your client become “Investment Ready” to obtain funding from a variety of sources (including the banks, Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising and Section 708 of the Corporations Act).

Industry Specific Advisory

We’ve developed proven tools and worksheets to support you in helping your clients monitor their business health and achieve their profit targets across many industry niches, including, clothing, retailer, road transport, supermarkets and pharmacies.

I’m Peter Towers

Accountant and Managing Director of ESS BIZTOOLS

For 20 years ESS BIZTOOLS has been producing material to assist accountants all over Australia to deliver a wider range of services, commonly known as Business Advisory Services...

Who We Work With

Our mission is to make it as easy and seamless as possible for our subscriber firms to provide their clients with Business Advisory Services.

Accounting Firms

Our subscribers range from Sole Practitioners through to some of Australia’s top mid-tier accounting firms.

Consultants and Industry Experts

Industry experts and specialists looking to leverage proven, 'plug and play' templates specific to the challenges faced by its clients operating in niche markets.


We’ve found that with their grounding in the day to day transactions of the business, bookkeepers make for excellent Business Advisors and are well placed to successfully deliver such services to their clients.
Hear From Practitioners
Who Are Subscribed To ESS BIZTOOLS

...there’s a fabulous amount of material. It really helps you because you can hand out items to your clients, they can attend free webinars, there’s various planning tools of different sorts that you can access and utilize with your clients.
Andrew Geddes, Andrew Geddes Pty Ltd
Director, Former Chairperson of Greencross Limited, Accountancy Industry Mentor and Consultant
In about 2012/2013 I happened upon ESS BIZTOOLS and I found it absolutely terrific. It gave me all the information I needed. Topics such as cash flow management, debtors management, business strategies, buying and selling a business, succession planning, non-bank financing etc. etc… I thoroughly recommend it, it’s helped me alot!
Kevin Thiele
Managing Director, Working Better

...so helpful

Angelo Coco - Chartered Accountant & Owner, Family Business Support

I've been familiar with Peter since the mid-80's when he was operating his accounting practice. The tools and papers prepared by ESS are so helpful. Instead of trying to create my own, they are already there, ready to go, and they just work.

Some of the tools I've referred to and used in serving my clients over one hundred times.

I recommend the ESS tool kit to other practitioners at any opportunity I get.

...full confidence in executing advisory services

Steven Thomas, Managing Director, Thomas Services
The tools and materials produced by ESS BIZTOOLS are complete and thorough, giving me full confidence in executing advisory services with my clients. The devil is in the detail in executing these types of engagements - and with the tools and support by ESS BIZTOOLS, I have all of the details and answers I need. Peter is also friendly and approachable which is a major help!

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