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    ESS BIZTOOLS consists of products, tools and advice on how to increase and provide a better service for your clients’ business. Our resource database can be accessed by subscribers 24/7.

    ESS BIZTOOLS provides all the material you need to assist your business clients develop and succeed.  At the core is over 2,000 documents in the ESS BIZTOOLS' library, focusing on issues and topics that face your small/medium-sized business clients.  From that library, ESS BIZTOOLS has created informative packages that you can deliver to your existing business clients as an add-on service or an additional revenue source. 

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    ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZGRANTS' products and services are far more varied and detailed than they appear at first glance.  To see the full potential of ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZGRANTS, attend a free webinar or arrange a personal demonstration:

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    Structured Business Advisory Services
    + informative Client Newsletters
    + pre-prepared Client Mentoring and Coaching
    = improved services delivered to your small/medium-sized business clients.

    ESS Subscribers have 24/7 access to:

    • Business Advisory Services
    • Business Plus+ Client Newsletters (Marketing)
    • Client Seminars, Tools and Forms
    • Client Mentoring & Coaching Modules
    • Leadership Modules (Training)
    • 500+ Papers and Powerpoints under 62 headings
    • Video Tutorials
    • ESS BIZGRANTS (Gold subscription or separately)

    Let ESS BIZTOOLS assist you, with pre-prepared material to:-

    • ADVISE YOUR CLIENTS: Create a systemised approach with Client Advisory Services.
    • INFORM YOUR CLIENTS: Keep your business clients informed of business issues with Client Newsletters.
    • MARKET YOUR FIRM: Market your firm with pre-prepared Client Seminars.
    • PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION: Answer clients’ questions with tangible and professional information with Client Form and Tools.
    • GROW YOUR BRAND: Differentiate your firm by providing your clients with material branded with your company’s name and logo.

    We enjoy visiting members and prospects. If you would like us to visit you when we are next in your area, please contact us to make an appointment.

    Phone: 1800 232 088 


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