Smart Start Package

“A smart way to get started with offering a broader range of commercial services to your clients”.

About This Package

Your small/medium enterprise clients and team members will be excited that your business has shown a significant commitment to the development of a new range of services for the benefit of your clients and offering your accountancy team the opportunity to participate in real accounting work and saving your firm $1,452.

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Package Content

The SmartStart package includes:

  • Business Advisory Services Introduction Training Package
  • Chief Financial Officer Services Package
  • Debtors Management Package
  • SME Debtors' Systems Manual
  • Four editions of Business Plus + client newsletter
  • One hour Mentoring Session

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What’s included?

Business Advisory Services Introductory Training – normally $440.

The Business Advisory Services Training Package incorporates 11 modules that will assist in laying the foundations for your business to adequately prepare for Business Advisory Services to be a major product offering within your firm. (More Information - Click Here).

Debtors' Management – normally $440.

The Debtors' Management System will assist you to conduct a full review of a clients’ Debtors' Management Systems so that you can assist your clients to reduce their debtors' days outstanding and improve their debtors' management. (More Information - Click Here).

SME Debtors' Systems Manual – normally $242.

The SME Debtors' Systems Manual is a written manual that can be edited so as to customise a debtor’s systems manual for individual clients. (More Information - Click Here).


Chief Financial Officer Services – normally $550.

The Chief Financial Officer Services package gives accountants/business advisors the opportunity to deliver a “Virtual Chief financial Officer service”. (More Information - Click Here).

Business Plus+ Client Newsletter – normally $139.

A SmartStart package subscriber will receive four editions of the ESS Business Plus + client newsletter. (More Information - Click Here).

One-Hour Mentoring Session – normally $440.

We will present a one hour Mentoring Session via webinar or Skype on any aspect of Business Advisory Services for your team. (More Information - Click Here).

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