Smart Start Package

“A smart way to get started with offering a broader range of commercial services to your clients”.

About This Package

Your small/medium enterprise clients and team members will be excited that your business has shown a significant commitment to the development of a new range of services for the benefit of your clients and offering your accountancy team the opportunity to participate in real accounting work and saving your firm $1,452.

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Package Content

The SmartStart package includes:

  • Business Advisory Services Introduction Training Package
  • Chief Financial Officer Services Package
  • Debtors Management Package
  • SME Debtors' Systems Manual
  • Four editions of Business Plus + client newsletter
  • One hour Mentoring Session

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What’s included?

Business Advisory Services Introductory Training – normally $440.

The Business Advisory Services Training Package incorporates 11 modules that will assist in laying the foundations for your business to adequately prepare for Business Advisory Services to be a major product offering within your firm. (More Information - Click Here).

Debtors' Management – normally $440.

The Debtors' Management System will assist you to conduct a full review of a clients’ Debtors' Management Systems so that you can assist your clients to reduce their debtors' days outstanding and improve their debtors' management. (More Information - Click Here).

SME Debtors' Systems Manual – normally $242.

The SME Debtors' Systems Manual is a written manual that can be edited so as to customise a debtor’s systems manual for individual clients. (More Information - Click Here).


Chief Financial Officer Services – normally $550.

The Chief Financial Officer Services package gives accountants/business advisors the opportunity to deliver a “Virtual Chief financial Officer service”. (More Information - Click Here).

Business Plus+ Client Newsletter – normally $139.

A SmartStart package subscriber will receive four editions of the ESS Business Plus + client newsletter. (More Information - Click Here).

One-Hour Mentoring Session – normally $440.

We will present a one hour Mentoring Session via webinar or Skype on any aspect of Business Advisory Services for your team. (More Information - Click Here).

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If, after 60 days, you are not completely satisfied with ESS BIZTOOLS, we will gladly refund your subscription.

Affiliates Wanted

Become an affiliate and earn additional income.
ESS BIZTOOLS is conducting a series of product campaigns for sales of products/services to accountancy businesses, business consultants, advisers and bookkeeping businesses.
We are happy to extend an invitation to an affiliate to participate as a supplier of services in promotions to our subscribers. If you are interested in this, could you please contact us?
We have launched the ESS Small Business website which is primarily targeted at small/medium companies and enterprises as well as not-for-profits, charities, sporting and social organisations.

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12 Eclipse Street, ROWES BAY, QLD 4810
(07) 4724 1118
Toll Free: 1800 232 088

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