Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about ESS BIZTOOLS . If you need more help please CONTACT US.

How many papers are there in ESS BIZTOOLS ?

In the general sections targeted at small/medium enterprises - 400+. In the business development section for Professional Accounting Practitioners - 24. But this number is growing every month.

What is the benefit in investing in ESS BIZTOOLS?

It will save you time in researching and developing "business of business" material.
Just download, 'brand' and print to provide your client with up-to-date, professional information.

In what key consulting areas can ESS BIZTOOLS assist me?
  • presentation of business training seminars
  • business plans
  • strategic plans
  • budgets
  • cashflow forecasts
  • business networks
  • mentoring
  • director and management training
  • corporate governance training
  • getting "investment ready"
How many papers are there in the various sections?

If you would like to peruse all the sections, seminars and paper headings please apply for a guest login to enter the site and browse all menus as well as access 20 papers, 1 seminar, mentoring & coaching and other FREE material.

Are the seminars ready to use?

Yes, all of the letters, forms, papers etc., for a particular seminar have been prepared. All you have to do is download, 'brand' and print.

What benefits can be obtained from the presentation of seminars?

Recognition in the market place as being a "different" accountant. If you involve bankers, solicitors or experienced business people in the seminars, you will obtain a reputation of being a "business development" rather than a "compliance" practice.

Does everyone charge for seminars?

No, some firms present seminars as a marketing exercise, whilst others are utilising seminars as being a means of raising professional fees. It is up to your firm to decide.

Will ESS BIZTOOLS help me retain good staff?

Yes, ESS BIZTOOLS will add a greater dimension to the services offered by your practice. This should assist you to retain staff who want to be "real accountants" and not just compliance return preparers. ESS BIZTOOLS will also provide reference material to help your staff keep up to date with changes.

Is there a system to progressively distribute papers to various classes of clients?

Yes, ESS BIZTOOLS Client Business Development (Mentoring & Coaching) includes lists of papers recommended for distribution, on a progressive basis, to:

  • New to Management (client starting a business) 
  • Introductory Management (client in business for a couple of years) 
  • Experienced Management (client is an experienced business person) 
  • Dealing with Banks 
  • Business Planning 
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Preparation and use of Periodic Financial Accounts 
  • Business Networks 
  • Government Assistance - R & D and COMET 
  • Exporting 
  • Marketing 
  • Family Businesses 
  • Getting Investment Ready
Does ESS BIZTOOLS contain information on family businesses?

Yes, there are 13 papers on various aspects of family business.

Will ESS BIZTOOLS assist me to prepare business plans?

Yes, the principal author has been preparing business plans for a large number of industry types for many years and has exclusively utilised the business planning questionnaire and other material contained within ESS BIZTOOLS to prepare those business plans.

Is ESS BIZTOOLS full of taxation papers?

No, but it is impossible to produce a product such as ESS BIZTOOLS without including papers on taxation. The Taxation Section includes 32 papers including Specific Industry Papers (Section 151 to 270).

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with ESS BIZTOOLS after 60 days of use, you may apply for your money back.

How often will updates be prepared?

Updates are continually being effected and will include any changes to legislation shortly after implementation.

How are we going to know if there's been updates made to any material?

You will receive an email detailing material that has been updated or added to the website and we will have a list of updates on the Members' Home Page.

How many new papers will be produced and added to ESS BIZTOOLS each year?

We are committed to producing around twenty new papers each year.

Do I have to pay for maintenance, new papers and support?

All changes and support to ESS BIZTOOLS is included while your subscription or renewal subscription is current.

Is ESS BIZTOOLS going to be further developed in future?

Yes, the vision of the founders of ESS BIZTOOLS is to continually provide timely support to accountants offering practice development strategies within their practices.

Can a user make suggestions?

Yes, we will encourage feedback from licensees and small/medium enterprise operators who attend seminars and receive material, so that we can improve our service.

Can a subscriber add to the material?

Yes, the license agreement allows a licensed user to add to the material. However the licensee then is fully responsible for the content of that material.

Is ESS BIZTOOLS subject to copyright?

Yes, all material is subject to copyright and licensees are asked to cooperate by ensuring that the disclaimer and intellectual property notice is affixed to all papers printed.

Can a licensee copy the papers?

Yes, a licensee is authorised to copy papers for use within their practice, for the conduct of seminars for clients and prospects and for handing of papers to clients. What is prohibited is the handing of the material to any accountant, professional business, TAFE College, University or Training Organisation which would wish to use the material in a similar format to that of a professional accounting practice.

Is ESS BIZTOOLS available outside of Australia?

Yes, ESS BIZTOOLS is available in New Zealand. For further information visit Business Fitness NZ Ltd.

Will ESS BIZTOOLS be available in other countries?

If you are interested in being involved, on a joint venture basis, on the conversion of the Australian version of ESS BIZTOOLS to suit requirements in other countries, you are invited to contact Peter Towers of ESS BIZTOOLS Pty Ltd - peter@essbiztools.com.au

Will information seminars on ESS BIZTOOLS be conducted around Australia?

Seminars and demonstrations are conducted regularly. For further information refer to How It Works or email jenny@essbiztools.com.au

Will there be an annual conference of ESS BIZTOOLS users?

We know that you are all very busy people, but if there is sufficient interest from licensees of ESS BIZTOOLS an annual conference can be organised.

How many hours have been spent in developing ESS BIZTOOLS

Approximately 7,000 man (and woman) hours were put into research, development and production of the ESS BIZTOOLS material. This amount grows each week as updates and new information is added.