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Business Plus+ Only Newsletter

As a Business Plus+ Only Subscriber you only have access to the Business Plus+ newsletter template - please upgrade your subsciption if you would like to get access to the support papers and forms mentioned in the newsleter.

Why Should Your Accountancy Business Consider Sending Client Newsletters?

We are sure you will agree that in business, profitability is all about creating loyal clients and driving repeat business. This is because it is less expensive to sell services to an existing client than it is to acquire a new one; the value of client loyalty and repeat business is just too valuable to overlook.

Newsletters enable you to communicate with your existing clients instead of waiting passively for them to return to your office or to call you on the phone. As your newsletter arrives month after month, it keeps you on your clients' minds and provides an ongoing, low-key mechanism for highlighting the full range of services that your accountancy business can offer.

The information and education material contained in your newsletter will make your clients much more valuable because they are more likely to engage your services if they know what you have to offer. Why force your clients to look elsewhere? Your newsletters can gently lead a client back through your door knowing that you can provide the services that they require.  A well-informed client will use your services to their greatest advantage.

Every newsletter that you send solidifies the relationship between your accountancy business and your client; is ideally suited to accomplish the long-term goals of client retention and loyalty; and still contains a 'call-to-action' that provides short-term benefits to your business.

Business Plus+ is produced monthly (February to December) with 2 additional editions being produced in May - "Federal Government's Budget Effects on SMEs" and "End of Year Tax Planning".  Business Plus+ includes information on business development items, which will encourage your clients to use a wider range of services from your accountancy business. We also enclose links to the appropriate ESS BIZTOOLS material that contains additional information on the subject matters raised within Business Plus+ for internal reference.

PLEASE NOTE: If you aren't logged in already, the site will ask you to log in before you are able to download.  If you are told you "don't have access" to download the Business Plus, please double check the level of access you have.  If you are only subscribed to Business Plus, then you can only get access to the newsletters, if you are a Gold, Silver or Bronze subscriber to ESS BIZTOOLS you will have access the newsletters and the supporting documentation that is accessible within your current subscription level.

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