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Affiliates Wanted

Become an affiliate and earn additional income.


ESS BIZTOOLS is conducting a series of product campaigns for sales of products/services to accountancy businesses, business consultants, advisers and bookkeeping businesses.

Affiliate Marketing

We have installed the “Post Affiliate Pro” tracking system which will facilitate the identification of the source of subscribers in an ESS campaign, thus enabling us to be able to accurately determine from which affiliate a new subscriber has originated. This will enable us to pay the agreed introduction fee payment to that affiliate.


Participating in a Marketing Campaign

We envisage that we will conduct 6 to 12 product campaigns per annum.

The amount of the introduction fee that we will pay to our affiliates will be 25% of the subscription price paid by your referral, plus GST.

The payment will be made to your nominated bank account by the 14th day of the following month.

We would appreciate it if you could appoint a “coordinator” for these campaigns and advise us of the coordinator’s name.


New Campaign – “Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising"

Our current promotion is on the Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising, which is now available for small proprietary companies and public companies which meet the eligibility requirements.


Getting Started

We will send you the following for this campaign:

  • a landing page which will feature the product for this campaign with a request that you install the landing page on your website. Please (click here) for a draft landing page on Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising.

We will send you a draft of an email (referred to as email number 1) for you to send to your database which will be a brief summary of what the featured product campaign is about.

This email will encourage a reader to “click on” to get more information which will come from the “landing page” which you have uploaded to your website.

Prior to sending out the email, we will ask you to add the link to the “landing page” on your website.

Please (click here) for the draft of email number 1.

We will also send you a second email to be sent to your database about three weeks after the first email was sent.

The landing page will contain a link to the ESS BIZTOOLS’ subscription page thus enabling a prospective subscriber to be able to link directly from the landing page on your website to the ESS BIZTOOLS’ subscription page where they will be able to complete the subscription details and make payment for the product.

The landing page contains the affiliate tracking code which will identify that the subscriber has originated from your website.  This will enable us to identify your organisation as the source of the sale and we will be able to pay the introduction fee to you.


Affiliate Registration Form

If you would like to register as an affiliate, could you please (click here) and complete the Affiliate Registration Form - ESS BIZTOOLS and email back to us at -



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 232 088.


We are happy to extend an invitation to an affiliate to participate as a supplier of services in promotions to our subscribers. If you are interested in this, could you please contact us?


We have launched the ESS Small Business website which is primarily targeted at small/medium companies and enterprises as well as not-for-profits, charities, sporting and social organisations.

We will send to you separately, details of the marketing opportunities available for a similar affiliate promotion to SMEs, not-for-profits, charities, sporting and social organisations.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to us.
We look forward to working with your organisation.