Advisory Services & Business Funding Are Important Products for SMEs

Accountant's Minute 242

“Business Advisory Services” – highlighted by the Commonwealth Bank’s “Accountants Market Pulse” report has been the activity identified by a group of accountants as being their main priority for the next 6 to 12 months – What is happening in your firm?

Mark Holton, Director, Smithink Pty Ltd, is a keynote speaker in our next COVID-19 Survival Panel webinar on Friday 31st July at 12-noon AEST.  Mark will be continuing his overview of Business Advisory Services in a COVID-19 World that he commenced in his presentation on 3rd July.  It’s worth revisiting some of the key comments that Mark Holton, a very experienced accountant, had to say at that time.

During the COVID-19 crisis many firms are offering “Business Advisory Services” including:

  • business continuity planning
  • cashflow management
  • strategic advice in a variety of business and funding disciplines
  • stress testing clients' businesses

Mark indicated that many firms look at advisory as something to be done with compliance services.  Mark said he thinks this has to change.

“Business Advisory Services is a separate work process for clients and should be delivered as a standalone product unless the client requests that exactly the same team delivers advisory services with the compliance work".

Mark also emphasised that it was very important that accountants continue to supply these types of services when the current crisis has ended.

Mark suggested that accountants need to be implementing a new approach to advisory:

  • Promote your advisory services proactively to clients – do not wait for others to do it.
  • Track advisory services separately on your Profit and Loss and integrate into Workflow Management – in other words, don’t just do advisory when you run out of compliance work. It should be a high priority work allocation that is performed throughout the year.
  • Develop budgets for advisory services with key KPI metrics and be accountable to them.
  • Look forward not backwards! – Advisory services look towards tomorrow, not yesterday (leave that for your compliance team).
  • Do not give away these services for little or nothing – take the leap, value your services and bill accordingly.
  • You need a Business Advisory Implementation Plan in place and follow and commit to it!

What are some of the Business Advisory Services that you could offer?

  • Financial Health Checks
  • Business Valuations
  • Pre-Lending Assessments
  • Board of Advice Meetings
  • Review of Debtor and Creditor Balances
  • Managing Cashflow
  • Managing Inventory
  • Managing Work in Progress
  • Performance to Various KPIs

In this week’s webinar Mark will continue to summarise strategies for accountants to follow up on the Commonwealth Bank’s “Accountants Market Pulse” prediction that “Business Advisory Services” will be the “practice area expected to be in most demand in the next 6 to 12 months by discussing further issues relative to accounting firms implementing “Business Advisory Services”.

Peter Towers, Managing Director of ESS BIZTOOLS will comment on the fund raising opportunities that are available for SMEs.

Whilst the Australian government has announced that the Coronavirus SME Guarantee Loans will be increased to $1 million, potential loans repayable over a 5 year period and will be available for application until 30th June 2021, many businesses may find that they do not satisfy the bank's requirements for these loans to be offered to them.

Some of your clients may be interested in capital raising opportunities that they could utilise including:

  • Raising capital as a Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Company
  • Raising capital as an Early Stage Innovation Company
  • Raising up to $2 million in a 12 month period by utilising Section 708 of the Corporations Act

The Australian government has announced that the new “Australian Business Growth Fund” will be operational later this year and some businesses could be interested in making an application for business capital from this new government entity that is to have a private enterprise Board of Directors.

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In last week’s webinar Nigel Abbott, Director, Fundsition, outlined the benefits that a company could acquire from raising up to $5 million, in a 12 month period, as a Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Company.

Nigel indicated that one of the real benefits of Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising was that small companies could promote their capital raising activity to their “fans” which would include customers, suppliers, team members and convert many of these “fans” into shareholders within their company.

Last week Peter Towers also presented on Business Advisory Services and supported Mark Holton’s comments that this was a very important area for accountants to be implementing and that now is the time to establish a standalone advisory services team within accountancy firms so that clients could benefit from the ongoing access that they would have to a skilled business advisory service delivery organisation within an accountancy firm.

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Episode 242 - Advisory Services & Business Funding Are Important Products for SMEs

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Advisory Services & Business Funding Are Important Products for SMEs