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Accountants who wish to be able to advise clients on Crowd Sourced Funding need to have a clear understanding of the duties, responsibilities and powers of Crowd Sourced Funding Intermediaries.

ASIC has appointed the Crowd Sourced Funding Intermediaries.  The Intermediary’s role is to act as the “Gatekeeper for ASIC" to ensure that the Corporations Act has been complied with by the company in the capital raising process.

The CSF Intermediary is also a “promoter” of the opportunities that are available to investors to invest in a company that the Intermediary has reviewed and agreed to upload to their website so that the public can visit the website to view the company’s Crowd Sourced Funding Offer Document and other material supplied by the company in support of their capital raising endeavours.

Full details of the Intermediary’s role is summarised within the ESS BIZTOOLS' Crowd Sourced Funding Product Package.

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Crowd Sourced Funding Intermediaries