Passing the “Principles Test” Helps Raise Funds

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Young companies can qualify for the “Early Stage Innovation Company” status by passing the “Principles Test”.

Five questions need to be answered:

  1. Is the company genuinely focused on developing for commercialisation one or more new, or significantly improved products, processes, services, marketing or organisational methods?
  2. Is there high growth potential?
  3. Potential to successfully scale the business?
  4. Potential to be able to address a broader than local market?
  5. Demonstrate competitive advantages?

We will be discussing the benefits for young companies, that can successfully answer these questions, achieving the status of an “Early Stage Innovation Company” which will make the company attractive to potential investors because of the special benefits that investors receive in our “Business Advisory Services Update Webinar” on Wednesday 2nd December at 12-noon AEDT (11.00am AEST).  To register - or go to the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Home Page ( and scroll down to “Upcoming Webinars”.

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Episode 035 - Passing the “Principles Test” Helps Raise Funds

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Passing the “Principles Test” Helps Raise Funds