Survival in Difficult Times

Accountant's Minute 224

Welcome to the launch of “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package 2020”.

We are indeed confronting the biggest challenge in 100 years that was identified by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison this week.

The seriousness is clearly identified by the concept of a national cabinet, comprising the Prime Minister and the Premiers of each State and the Chief Ministers of the two Territories, having virtually daily meetings utilising communications technology to plan strategies for the country.

The survival of your clients is also a very serious event!  We believe that the “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package 2020”, that we are launching today, will assist accountants, business advisors and bookkeepers to supply a vital mentoring role to your small business and medium-sized enterprise clients during these “Difficult Times” which, the Prime Minister has indicated, will probably last for, at least, six months.

The Australian, State and Territory governments have reacted with various Coronavirus Packages which follow on from the Natural Disaster Loans and Grant Packages that were made available during 2019/2020 to assist eligible businesses and farmers who suffered losses or damages from the Natural Disasters which plagued Australia in recent time.

Many of your clients or their key team members might be working from home and the same thing might will be happening within your firms, but your clients really need “Business Mentoring” advice now, not just “compliance services” advice, if they are going to survive this crisis.

The Survival in Difficult Times Product Package includes:

  • Federal, State and Territory government support packages for the coronavirus
  • Federal, State and Territory government support packages for natural disasters
  • Survival in Difficult Times for SMEs Workbook
  • Business Evaluation for SMEs – reference paper
  • ESS BIZTOOLS – Business Plus Monthly Newsletter editions to 30 September 2020 (which subscribers can badge and supply to their customers/clients)
  • Access to “Weekly Survival Videos” to 30 September 2020

Subscription – the annual subscription to “Survival in Difficult Times” Product Package is payable in twelve monthly payments of $92 per month (incl GST).


Upfront discounted payment of $990 (incl GST).

Alternatively, you could subscribe for the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Gold Package which includes the “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package” – twelve monthly payments of $261.80 (incl GST) per month.


Upfront discounted payment of $2,970 (incl GST).

You are invited to visit - Survival in Difficult Times - Learn More: in difficult times/learn more.

You can subscribe by visiting - Survival in Difficult Times - Purchase: in difficult times/subscribe.


If you wish to subscribe for the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Gold Package please visit Gold Package: package/subscribe.

You can obtain more information by clicking on to “Want To Know More?”

I invite you to view the Accountants Minute video which gives you more details on “Survival In Difficult Times”.

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Survival in Difficult Times

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