Promote Business Advisory Services to Clients Receiving JobKeeper

Accountant's Minute 246

"The key group of clients that accountants should be promoting the concept of Business Advisory Services to, are any clients who are receiving JobKeeper payments", said Mark Holton, Director, Smithink Pty Ltd in the previous COVID-19 Survival Panel webinar.

These clients were obviously running sound businesses prior to the challenges of COVID-19 and many of them will need your assistance to be able to recreate the business activities that they had in operation, prior to the lockdowns and other problems that have been caused by the virus.

In the Part 2 of Mark’s presentation “Business Advisory in a COVID-19 World”, he emphasised that, for Business Advisory Services to be successfully delivered, accountants need to implement systems and processes and to do it now rather than playing catch up if one of your clients has been approached by another firm.

The “EnablerTM" system, developed by Smithink Pty Ltd, guides accountants on the "7 Steps to Business Advisory Success" for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises and comprises:

  • Preparing Your Firm For Success
  • Unlock Your Client's Needs
  • Create A Disturbance In Your Client's Mind
  • Analyse Your Client's Financial Performance
  • Ensure Your Client Implements Action
  • Service Additional Client Needs
  • Create New Business Opportunities

Mark indicated that the ESS BIZTOOLS' product packages contain many forms and procedures which will assist accountants to be able to deliver an outstanding range of commercial improvement services for your clients.

Trent Butler, Director, Trent Butler Consulting was the other speaker in the previous webinar and spoke about the “7 Steps To Marketing Success” for accountancy firms.

Trent indicated that over 80% of consumers visit an accountancy firm's website before deciding whether to become a client of that firm.  He also indicated that 61% of mobile searches are more likely to contact a local business, if they have a mobile friendly website.

Prospects will also look at the quality of the firm’s website and try to determine whether a particular firm has thought leaders in solving particular problems available for a client or prospect to discuss a problem.

The number of Google searches has exploded from the early thousands and a similar trend is happening with social media platforms in terms of the usage increasing dramatically.

All of this is creating an interesting buyer for professional accounting services because the consumer of advice can obtain the information very easily and they can self-diagnose to some extent what their problems might be through the power of the Internet.

All of this is changing the way people purchase professional service advice.

Professional accounting firms need a framework for marketing their services to their clients and others if they're going to be successful.

Successfully marketing an accountancy business requires a strategy which links activity on the accountancy firm's social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, with what is happening on the firm’s website, combined with blogs and other articles which should all be steering a client or a prospect to a conversation with an experienced accountant who can conduct a telephone interview in a “professional conversation manner” so that the client gains a level of satisfaction that the accounting firm is able to service the client’s requirements in a very professional manner.

You can view the recording of our previous webinar by clicking here.

The next ESS BIZTOOLS' COVID-19 Survival Panel webinar for accountants and business advisors, being presented in conjunction with our affiliates, will feature Dale Crosby, Director, High Tech Soft Touch, who will outline an approach that an accountancy firm can implement to develop a range of small businesses and medium-sized enterprises to which the accountancy firm is providing a virtual Chief Financial Officer service.

Dale will be joined in the webinar by Peter Towers, Managing Director, ESS BIZTOOLS, who will discuss Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising and, in particular, outline a strategy for accountants to become actively involved in identifying clients and prospects who might be interested in raising capital direct from the public as a private company and the range of professional services that an accountancy firm could deliver to their client relative to Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising.

You can register for this free webinar to be held on Friday, 11th September 2020 at 12-noon AEST by clicking here.

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If you'd like to know more about the services offered by ESS BIZTOOLS to assist accountants to introduce Business Advisory Services for your clients, why not contact us – please ring Peter Towers on 1800 232 088 and we'll arrange a personal discussion with you and your colleagues about the strategies that we suggest to enable you to be able to proactively assist your clients in a broader range of professional services.  Alternatively, you could register for a 30 day free Guest, no obligation trial of ESS BIZTOOLS by clicking here.

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Episode 246 - Promote Business Advisory Services to Clients Receiving JobKeeper

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Promote Business Advisory Services to Clients Receiving JobKeeper