Business Advisory Services - Leadership Team


Today I want to discuss the leadership team.

If you're going to be supplying a broader range of professional services, what we call Business Advisory Services, to your clients then being able to assist in mentoring & training of the members of the leadership team on financial matters & corporate governance will, in many cases, be a very important component of the services that you're providing.

Many people need briefing on corporate governance so, at the very least, an update on corporate governance & an overview of recent court cases that have been decided that affect the duties & responsibilities of directors & management or leadership team members.

However, one of the big opportunities I think you'll have, as you become part of the leadership team of your client's business, is to ensure that, first of all, the financial accounts have been prepared on an individual business unit basis.  That is very, very important.  Not putting it all together in one Profit & Loss Account.

Being able to identify to the leadership team members how financial accounts are prepared helps them better run those business activities & that leads to an understanding of what the Key Performance Indicators are indicating.