Future Proofing Generates ROI

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Creating a “FUTURE PROOFING” strategy is vital for accountancy businesses that aspire for a future as the key financial advisor to clients – not fighting competitors with a series of tax driven commodity products.

ESS BIZTOOLS’ “New Financial Year Special Offer” will help you get started, for a very low entry fee, on the exciting journey of offering commercial services that your clients want and expect in 2018 and that your staff will be happy and proud to deliver, because they will be delivering “real accountants” services.

ESS BIZTOOLS’ Silver package for just $1,493 plus GST – this represents a 25% discount!

To help you get started and assist your firm’s “future proofing journey”, this special offer package includes 3 x 60 minute mentoring sessions, delivered via webinar or Skype, to help your firm implement a range of commercial services which will add value to your clients’ businesses.

To determine your return on investment, just enter your eligible client numbers for each of the following categories which are part of the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Silver Package product to determine your firm’s potential ROI.

No. Risk Indicative Fee & GST Number of Clients Projected Fees
1. Clients with high debtors’ days outstandingSolution:  Debtors’ Management ReviewSolution:  Written Debtors’ Manual  $900 - $1,800$300 - $500      $
2. Clients with potential significant financial cost or potential business failure if they do not register customers and other businesses who are holding their assets on the Personal Property Securities RegisterSolution: Personal Property Securities Register Due Diligence Review to identify clients that are at risk – stock and/or other assets stored at someone else’s premises and/or subcontractor receiving progress payments that could generate a preferential payment claim from a liquidator $900 - $1,800     $     
3. Clients operating companies or proposing to raise capital as Crowd Sourced Funding Companies, Early Stage Innovation Companies or capital raising under section 708 of the Corporations ActSolution: Corporate Governance Mentoring Review  $2,000 -  $10,000   $     
4. Clients with a business turnover over $2,000,000 or aspiring to raise capital or that just want to run sound businessesSolution:  Chief Financial Officer Services  $10,000 - $125,000    $     
5. Clients who aspire a decent future in their businessSolution:  Business Plan $10,000 - $30,000   $     
6. Clients who have developed new technology, products or servicesSolution:  Early Stage Innovation Company Due Diligence Assistance  $5,000 - $7,500    $     
7. Clients who aspire to raise capital for their businessSolution:  Crowd Sourced Funding Company – Equity Raising Mentoring Assistance  $5,000 - $10,000    $     
8. Businesses planning the future of their businessSolution:  Succession planning to assist in introducing the next generation or planning the sale of the business $5,000 - $30,000     $     
  Total the Projected Fees: $     
  Less:  your investment to subscribe to the ESS BIZTOOLS Silver Package ($1,493 + GST): $1,493
  Your ROI Calculated:      

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If you have any questions on any aspects of the products and services being produced by ESS BIZTOOLS to assist accountants to “future proof” your businesses, please do not hesitate to contact us – peter@essbiztools.com.au or telephone 1800 232 088.

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Future Proofing Generates ROI

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