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Welcome to the New Financial Year on Wednesday! “Accountants Become the 'Centrelink' of Business World” – Financial Review. “The accountant of the future will need to be a compliance expert who can grapple with fast changing rules while providing broader advice to clients about their business” – Financial Review 18th June 2020. “Number crunchers around the country have found...

Predictive Accounting Identifies When Funding Is Required!

Accountant's Minute 237

Welcome! Preparing Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts early will identify when additional funding is required. This is a very important consideration as we are about to commence a new financial year – with many more challenges and dangers for businesses that have not taken some time out to plan and think about the funding of their businesses – these will be some of the problems that confront...

Now Is The Time!

Accountant's Minute 236

Welcome! Good news last week for your clients in the building and construction industries and some tradies. The Australian government’s Stimulus Package Number 4 will bring some joy to the building industry, including tradies operating in the house building and renovations industries. In this week’s COVID-19 Survival Panel webinar Peter Towers, Managing Director of ESS BIZTOOLS, will...
Welcome! In this week’s "COVID-19 Survival Panel" webinar, Andrew Geddes, Accountant Coach/Mentor and Former Chairman of Greencross Ltd (a top 200 ASX company), will present an update on his advice for accountants on how you can assist your small business and medium-sized enterprise clients to navigate through the difficult trading conditions that will confront all businesses as the COVID-19...

Research & Development Could Be A Positive Outcome From COVID-19

Accountant's Minute 234

Welcome to winter!  It looks like there is going to be plenty of snow in the south and hopefully businesses will be able to recommence operations. Last week Andrew Ward a Foundation Director of Crowdfunding Institute of Australia gave an overview of the crowdfunding industry in Australia.  This week Peter Towers introduces research and development activities into this theme because...

Impact of COVID-19 and Financing of Businesses

Accountant's Minute 233

Welcome to some winter weather!  It’s great to see that some of the States and Territories are opening up for business operations again.  There are going to be plenty of challenges for accountants to respond to, especially as we approach 30th September. In this week’s "COVID-19 Survival Panel" webinar on Friday 29th May at 12-noon AEST, we have a presentation by Jordan Lowry,...

It's Accountants' Time to Shine

Accountant's Minute 232

Greetings: we hope that you’re well and you're starting to develop strategies for your clients to emerge from the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdowns with reinvigorated businesses.  We believe that there is a tremendous opportunity for accountants to perform a 'Chief Financial Officer' role for your clients to assist them to survive the very challenging times that will be evident post 30th...
Greetings, we hope that you're well and looking after yourself as well as your clients and that you're communicating with your clients in relation to their reopening strategies. The National Cabinet has started the first tentative steps towards reopening the Australian economy with the release of the three step plan process that is to be implemented, primarily by state and territory...

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate - Andrew Geddes

Accountant's Minute 230

Greetings – we hope that you were able to take advantage of some of the rules relaxation that applied over the last few days. Last Friday we conducted the third COVID-19 Survival Panel webinar for accountants, business advisors and bookkeepers with keynote speakers Andrew Geddes, a well-known accountancy industry coach and mentor and former chair of Greencross Ltd and Priscilla Bea Smith,...
Greetings – we hope that you are well and looking after yourself as well as your clients. Last Friday we conducted another of our “COVID-19 Survival Panel” webinars with keynote speakers Paul Barnaby, a Predictive Accounting Consultant, Australasian representative of Plan Guru and Amanda Gascoigne an Accounting Consultant who assists her accountant clients to achieve a better balance in...

Accountants Need An “Opportunities Mindset!”

Accountant's Minute 228

Greetings – we hope you're staying safe! On Friday 17 April 2020 we launched the first of our “COVID-19 Survival Panel” webinars with keynote speakers Andrew Geddes and Jordan Lowry. Andrew Geddes, a well-known consultant to the Australian accounting industry and a top 200 ASX public company chairman, gave an interesting overview on the approach to the crisis that is being employed by...

COVID-19 Survival Assistance Very Welcome

Accountant's Minute 227

Greetings – we hope you're staying safe and are able to assist your clients with the planning and implementation of their COVID-19 survival strategies. The Australian government, through the stimulus package number 3 which was unanimously passed by Parliament last week, has definitely implemented a number of significant strategies to assist small and medium-sized enterprises with their...

Survival Plans A High Priority

Accountant's Minute 226

In the last 21 days the Australian government has released three stimulus packages relating to COVID-19 Coronavirus.  There are a range of direct payments, subsidies, investment incentives and loan opportunities now available with a strong emphasis on businesses with turnovers under $50 million per annum. The government has done its job – they have supplied a financial injection of...

This Is A Defining Moment!

Accountant's Minute 225

Greetings – We hope that you are well! This is definitely a “defining moment” for the Prime Minister - Scott Morrison, Treasurer - Josh Frydenberg and the Chief Medical Officer - Professor Brendan Murphy and the State Premiers and Chief Ministers of the Territories and their advisors, but it is also a defining moment for accountants and business advisors who will be called upon to offer...

Survival in Difficult Times

Accountant's Minute 224

Welcome to the launch of “Survival in Difficult Times Product Package 2020”. We are indeed confronting the biggest challenge in 100 years that was identified by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison this week. The seriousness is clearly identified by the concept of a national cabinet, comprising the Prime Minister and the Premiers of each State and the Chief Ministers of the two Territories,...

Coronavirus Stimulus Package for SMEs

Accountant's Minute 223

On Thursday, 12 March 2020 the Prime Minister announced a stimulus plan to curb the economic impact of the coronavirus and to keep “Australians in jobs and businesses in business”. The package, which aims to provide an immediate stimulus to the economy, will be worth $17.6 billion of which $11 billion is expected to be spent before 30 June 2020. Targeted at SMEs: Businesses with...

Affiliates Wanted

Become an affiliate and earn additional income.
ESS BIZTOOLS is conducting a series of product campaigns for sales of products/services to accountancy businesses, business consultants, advisers and bookkeeping businesses.
We are happy to extend an invitation to an affiliate to participate as a supplier of services in promotions to our subscribers. If you are interested in this, could you please contact us?
We have launched the ESS Small Business website which is primarily targeted at small/medium companies and enterprises as well as not-for-profits, charities, sporting and social organisations.

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