Capability Statements

Business Advisory Services

Today I'd like to talk to you about Capability Statements, because these are as important as business cards for your SME clients because it enables them to prepare a summary of who they are, the services they can offer and what the key attributes are that can be presented to potential customers. 

The first item to be looked at is their competitive advantage, what makes them different.  What are their skills?  What are the intellectual property items that they own or they have developed?  What Patents do they hold?  What particular expertise do they have in the business place?

Another document or process that your clients might also be interested in, as part of the Capability Statement, is joining the Industry Capability Network.  This is a free network that is operated by the Australian and all State and Territory governments, as well as the New Zealand government, to enable Australasian businesses to be able to be found on one database.

If you'd like to receive a special paper that ESS BIZTOOLS has produced on the role of the Industry Capability Network, why not send me an email ( and we will send you the paper.