Advising Your Clients On How They're Going To Navigate These Very Difficult Times

Business Advisory Services

Where's it all going?  When is business going to return to normal?  How are you going to be advising your clients as to how they're going to navigate these very difficult times?  How do you advise those clients who are currently on JobKeeper?

In the first instance, I think you need to be considering what your value proposition is to your clients as we go into the next component of the COVID-19 Coronavirus story.

Is your value proposition delivering what consumers are now looking for after having withstood 6 months of harsh trading conditions?

Consumers are looking for your empathy to their problems and looking for you to have a local answer, with a human being at the end of a telephone to help them with their problems.

I think it's also important to emphasise to your clients that they should keep on marketing & sending out pro-business messages to their clients/customers/prospects so they have an appreciation that they're still interested in serving their clients/customers and perhaps you should be doing the same thing in your accounting firm… be proactive and make sure that your clients understand that you're there to assist them in a wide range of business activities.