Prompting SMEs to Think About Business Issues

Business Advisory Services

Prompting small businesses and medium-sized enterprise leadership teams to think about business issues, that they might not be looking at on a daily basis, is an important aspect for an accountant offering value adding Business Advisory Services to clients.

You could ask your clients:

  • Do your customers know that you’re still in business?
  • Have you kept on marketing?
  • Have you told your customers that you appreciate receiving feedback from them?
  • Do you have a functioning Customer Advisory Committee?
  • Are you making more “noise” than your competitors?
  • Have you developed a social media campaign linked with your website and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?
  • Are you producing videos which highlight what your business does and, in particular, promotes new products or services?
  • Has your website been updated in the last 2 months so that you're promoting post COVID-19 strategies that will benefit your customers?
  • Have you published your Capability Statement on your website?

These are value adding “Business Advisory Services” questions for your clients!