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Accountant's Minute 251

Welcome to our new format of weekly Business Advisory Services Update articles and videos with presentations by ESS BIZTOOLS and one of our Affiliates where we will discuss various issues relating to the implementation of Business Advisory Services by accountants/business advisors/bookkeepers.

Our first presentation “Reset Your Practice” will feature Amanda Gascoigne, Chartered Accountant, Coach and Mentor, Amanda Gascoigne Consulting and Peter Towers Managing Director ESS BIZTOOLS.

The theme for “Reset Your Practice” will relate to the services that you provide to “tradie businesses” including:

  • Assisting your tradie clients to set realistic charge out rates based on salaries being paid, the anticipated productivity percentages and work hours for each team member including the owner/manager.
  • Preparing estimates of the direct purchases that the tradie will have to make for supplies that will be installed into assets owned by the customer and the determination of the average mark-up on those direct purchases that the business will be making.

This process incorporates a review of the business’ overhead expenses and the determination of a realistic profit for the business so that all of that information can be processed through the ESS BIZTOOLS’ “Charge Out Rate Calculator For Tradies” to determine individual charge out rates for each member of the team or charge out rates for groups of team members, whatever the client is happy with.

The consulting process could also relate to the concept of setting goals and the ongoing monitoring of the actual financial performance of the tradie’s business to determine whether the individual productivity targets are being achieved, the hours are being worked, to make sure there’s been no blowout in overhead expenses and that the materials’ mark-up that was budgeted is being achieved.

The conversation will include suggestions as to how you can incorporate these strategies into an overall annual package of business review services being made available to a tradie client.

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The “Business Advisory Services Update” will be presented at 12-noon AEDT/11.00am AEST on Wednesday, 18th November 2020.  The presentation will also be available at that time via a Facebook live presentation, if that is more convenient for you to access.

After 24 webinar presentations we concluded the COVID-19 Survival Panel webinar series last week with presentations being made by Andrew Geddes, Andrew Geddes Pty Ltd, a former Chair of Greencross Ltd and a well-known accountancy industry consultant, together with Amanda Gascoigne and Peter Towers.

Andrew Geddes discussed “Is Your Business Culture Right for Post COVID-19 Recovery”.

Amanda Gascoigne discussed “What Will Proactive Success Look like in 2021?”

Peter Towers discussed “COVID-19 Update and Steps Suggested for Accountants to Ensure That Clients Survive the Difficult Conditions That Are Still Expected to Be Encountered by Many Businesses”.

You are most welcome to view the recording of that webinar by clicking here.

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We look forward to you joining us for the first presentation in the new “Business Advisory Services Update” on Wednesday 18th November at 12-noon AEDT/11.00am AEST.

If you have a friend or colleague who you think might find this article interesting, please feel free to pass it on to them.

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