Charge out Rates for Tradies Need Review

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Many accountants have large numbers of tradie businesses as clients.

In my presentation to the Accounting Business Expo on Tuesday 17th November at 1.30pm AEDT (12.30pm AEST) I’ll discuss the proactive role that an accountant can play to assist individual tradie businesses set realistic targets and then assist those clients to achieve those targets by ongoing support during the year.

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The first key item to review is how your clients sets their charge out rates.  The setting of charge out rates requires consideration of a number of issues including the:

  • team – working hours, remuneration and expected productivity;
  • mark-up on products being purchased on behalf of clients;
  • overhead costs; and the
  • profit target for the business.

ESS BIZTOOLS has developed a special product package to assist in the calculation of charge out rates which will ensure that the profitability target is met.

This is interesting work which could be incorporated into an overall support package for an individual tradie client.

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To gain an overview of what is included in the ESS BIZTOOLS’ icon goldGold Package. Please contact us for further information.

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Charge out Rates for Tradies Need Review